WTF: Easy A

Spoiler Alert:

Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen this movie. You’ll find out everything that happens and you won’t understand any of my super funny jokes.

Is it hot in here or is it just her?

Watching this at home after seeing Steve Coogan’s The Trip and I wanted to see a good movie. Plus, I’m rather tired andI like the idea of sleeping with (or at least “to”)  Emma Stone.

0:01:53 Emma Stone has a graphically deep voice for such a young girl.

0:04:13 Emma Stone gets an adult woman’s bare boob in her face when the topless hippy mom reaches for a bong.

Emma Stone Boob Press Easy A (Saint Pauly WTF)

0:05:24 Emma is sublimely cute singing and dancing along to Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful Of Sunshine.


I’m not that kind of girl.

The kind the does it; or the kind that does it and doesn’t have the lady balls to tell her best friend?

I’m not either but am kind to both.

0:07:37 A Christian girl who will get hers in the end. Or some other place.


All I could think to myself was, “Great, now I’m a tramp. I’m gonna have to get a lower back tattoo and pierce something not on my face.”

0:14:07 There’s going to be some gravity between the English teacher and Emma.

“A ’70’ is traditional ’69’ plus this finger.”

0:15:48 Trouble will find you wherever you go.

0:17:23 Malcolm McDowell doing an American accent is like a fish & chips barbecue.

0:20:58 Emma is turning in a solid job, which is nice considering the whole movie rests on her perky, firm, pouty shoulders.

0:22:29 I hope that Cougar Town boy stays gay if he’s supposed to be gay and doesn’t get converted. I’m just thinking about the gay boys in the audience. #ProbablyTooMuch

“Kill it as soon as it crawls back out!”

0:27:43 I think that she likes being thought of as a slut is a stretch. And not the good kind.

0:29:36 Good script and well paced. Clips right along.

0:32:51 I laughed out loud during the fake sex scene and the gay guy yells out, “I love that smell.”

0:34:37 Emma’s in love with the guy from Gossip Girl. But he’ll hear about her fake sex and not love her, or love her for the wrong reasons. [He didn’t, and the movie was all the better for it.]

Romancing the Stone

0:38:09 Now she’s turning the ‘slut’ up a notch because she’s angry people think she’s a slut after she put on a huge show to make people think she was a slut. #WTF

The Whole A (More Than Just A Piece of A)

0:41:53 The religious guy in the green shirt and singing is gonna hook up with the homosexual lad. [He didn’t, but he should’ve. #SmarterThanTheMovie]

0:46:08 Why is it that Emma is the only young lady in the school whose gym shirt is too short? It’d be a good look for girls’ track team.

“Whoa, Penn Badgley, my bulge is bigger than yours.”

0:54:49 This whole bonding with the rough sects is out of place like dookie in a beer.

1:02:07 80’s movie’s end set up with Gossip Girl guy.

1:13:12 Now she’s sad because a guy thinks he can pay her for sex because she goes around making people think guys can pay her for sex. #NoPity

1:16:57 Reminds me of the fun exciting times at high school.

1:20:14 The Stone in tight jeans.

1:23:50 Stone cold in stripper clothes.

Let’s Talk More About The Banging

Tally Ho’

  • WTF!?’s: 2, but not very serious ones.
  • When to Follow: Good romantic comedy to watch with a gentleman caller because it’s truly funny and unpredictable enough to be interesting.
  • What To Feedback:
Caption This and WIN (prizes that will be even splendider than the prizes from last time)

Left Over WTF (Way Too Funny) Photos

Emma stows her boobs in the locker after each scene.
She’s So Hot, Her Mouth Melts Plastic
Sexting the Stone
Check out the Beaver! (And the guy’s costume, too.)
“You wanna be the meat in our sandwich?”
“Either my jeans have split or my ass is breathing.”
“You really ARE hung like a clothespin on laundry day!”
“Is that your penis or a toothpick for your zipper?”
What you look like during a blow job.
“The song is called ‘Smelly Cat’, NOT ‘Smelly Pussy’!”
Check It: A Dog with a Foot Fetish
“Billy, stop looking at the dog like that. No more wine for either of you.”

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