WTF: Attack The Block

Attack The Block Poster
Block Party

Spoiler Alert:

I’ve been around the block a couple of times and shall be sharing my experiences with you here. I’ll map out the film and scour the streets ’til the movie is clear, so read on only if you’ve ever seen or never will see Attack The Block.

Attack the Block Still
Alien Pizza Delivery? From Uranus?

The very talented Sir Rodney of Fernby Films wrote such a stellar review of this film that I felt I had to give it a go. After all, would Sir Rodney steer me wrong?

0:05:04 Nice beginning. Mugging action, a tough gang, a fuzzy baby Alien that attacks bad guys… That’s a lot of action for 5 minutes. #MySexLife

0:06:07 And some fine directing as well. I feel like I’m ready to settle into this movie.

Attack the Block Still 04
“Imma about to deliver some whup ass.”

0:06:26 “You wanna know what dat is? I’ll tell you what dat is, brah. Dat’s an alien, man. Believe it.” Authentic lingo goin’ on, innit?

0:17:38 Foreshadowing on the nature channel because all the little pothead boys and girls be watchin’ that moth documentary shit. I ain’t even playin’. #BelieveIt

0:18:56 The little thug in the knit tuke is my favorite. A noble savage with ‘tude. A feral child with street smarts. A young victim who’s not so innocent.

Attack the Block Still 02
Timmy’s First Playboy

0:21:11 I can’t help thinking about the first scene and the mugging these bastard heroes perpetrated. I can’t help thinking I like it. #Hollywouldn’t

0:23:18 If the cop car is chasing you and you’re on a bike, don’t try to outrun them on the street. #Duh

Attack the Block Still 03
Mario Kart — The Movie
Deep Fried Coke
Deep Fried Coke

0:33:42 There is seriously not one other single person outside in the whole block except for 5 juvies on bikes.

0:35:43 The premise the teens can outrun the creatures doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Like David Lynch movies or Deep Fried Coke.

0:34:07 Special effects/creatures are well done for the budget they didn’t have.

0:35:52 Great tension and acting. Even if it was my favorite guy who got munched.

0:39:18 The fat one and the skinny one are the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of The Block.

0:41:40 In an apartment building with hundreds of flats, the alien happens to find the one with our heroes. Not even the IRS is that good.

0:41:52 Lol, one of the kids just made that same comment. Score one point for the director.

[N.B. One of my dear, intelligent readers has pointed out in the comment section how the aliens could track the youth. “[T]he reason the aliens found them is because of the dead female her scent was on them from taking her body to the drug guy.” Thank you, Succvbi!]

0:43:18 The apartment door is busted open and they hear more creatures, but don’t look for another flat to seek asylum in. A typical problem of low budget movies is that you can’t hire enough actors, so every scene looks like a Crispin Glover Oscar Party. #deserted

Attack the Block Still 05
Low Budget Biker Gang

1:00:38 Smoke cover from the fireworks was a good idea.

1:02:47 The dealer kingpin chasing after them as well is another inspiration. This director is full of it. In a good way.

1:18:59 Acceptable ending, but a bit stale compared to the freshness of the rest of the movie.

Attack the Block Still 06
“No, actually, I’m not the monster. I’m hairier.”

Tally Ho’

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Attack the Block Still Caption This
One Of Rodney’s Comments On My Blog
In the Comments section, write a caption for this photo to win unbelievable prizes. Seriously, you’ll win and you’ll say, “I don’t believe this shite.”

Left Over WTF (Way Too Funny) Photos

Attack the Block Still 07
“That’s not a Bieber concert! It’s summer school!”
Attack the Block Still 08
“You gonna buy my cookies or am I gonna roast your nuts?”
Attack the Block Still 09
Proctology in the Ghetto
Attack the Block Still 10
Attack the Block Still 11
Attack the Block Still 12
“Ew, I don’t think it’s supposed to be leaking fluid of that color.”

10 thoughts on “WTF: Attack The Block

  1. Nice work once more, St Pauly! Some funny stuff here. Glad I could point you in the direction of this film….. the more who spread the good word, the better, right?

    I can’t think of anything funny for the Caption This pic, so I’ll go with: “Marvin felt kinda underdressed for the occasion….”


  2. Just wanted to say love your reviews, spent all night going through laughing my ass off. I also wanted to tell you the reason the aliens found them is because of the dead female her scent was on them from taking her body to the drug guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hallo Succvbi!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s always a pleasure to learn my efforts have paid off and brought a smile to some kind faces. And thanks for your insight to the film! I’ve included it in the review and, of course, given you credit.

      WTF Succvbi (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


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