WTF: Willow Creek (2013)

Willow Creek 03 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)

Willow Creek 01 poster (Saint Pauly WTF)

Spoiler Alert:

I shall be investigating the video of Willow Creek, examining its evidence and exploring its story to determine if it’s legendary or simply a big misstep. So read on only if you’ve already seen Willow Creek, or don’t plan to.

Watch Willow Creek here

Willow Creek 02 (Saint Pauly WTF)
A vehicle for their talent

Because Bobcat Goldthwait.

At first I thought my appreciation of the Bobcat must be due to the American in me, but even after he left, I still appreciate Bobcat’s style.

0:03:31 Found bigfootage film of a youngish couple (Alexie Gilmore as Kelly and Bryce Johnson as Jim) on the trail of Sasquatch. Their conversation about douches and dirty vaginas shows them putting their bigfoot in their mouths.

0:08:16 What I find thoroughly amazing is how good these actors are. Seriously, I know real couples who are this annoying.

0:08:44 In the Early Bird diner (Home of the Bigfoot Burger), there’s a Missing Poster for a woman in her late 50s who was last ‘scene’ at the PJ Bar. Identifying marks include “daisy tattoo on left little toe”. A conversation ensues where Kelly misunderstands Jim so well, the exchange must be ad-libbed.

Willow Creek 04 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)

Jim: [Looking at Missing Poster photo] That girl seems pretty happy to be missing.

Kelly: What’s that…

Jim: I should take a picture of you, of what you would look like if you went missing. [Meaning, I assume, with a desperate and forlorn expression on her face.] So that, if you ever went missing, I could show what you would actually look like.

Kelly: OK.

Jim: We’ll dirty you up… Give me your ‘missing’ photo face.

[Kelly, not getting it, smiles as though she were posing for a school photo]

Jim: [Laughing] I don’t think that’s…

Kelly: No?

Jim: No.

Kelly: How ’bout this? [Blank faced expression]

Jim: That’s pretty good.

Kelly: Yeah?

Jim: Yeah.

Kelly: But I do feel like they all smile.

But Jim wasn’t asking you to imitate an actual Missing Person poster, he was asking you to show what a person who’s missing truly looks like while they’re missing. Men are from Mars and women don’t understand anything.

Willow Creek 05 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
What Jim meant


Jim: This is the great ‘Ohma’ statue, carved by Jim McLaren out of one giant piece of Redwood, right around the time Patterson shot his famed footage.

Kelly: I like his bangs.

Jim: You do?

Kelly: Yeah, the whole flippy thing going on.

Jim: Well, he [Jim McLaren] didn’t. He wished he could’ve re-carved it after he heard Albert Ostman’s account.

Kelly: You’re really making me horny.

Lol. I appreciate films that would get my jokes.

Willow Creek 06 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
Spent all day in the hair saloon


Willow Creek 07 Handy GIF (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
Very Handy

0:12:56 Interview with an elderly woman (Nita Rowley, as herself) who works at the Willow Creek visitor centre. She’s not a believer in Bigfoot, but she does believe in bears and mountain lions. I suspect that she herself might be a cougar.

0:14:26 Interview with Steve Streufert (as himself) at Bigfoot Books, who looks a little skeevy, especially when he talks about making amateur porn with the type of camera Roger Patterson used when filming Bigfoot.


Kelly: Just getting to this site… Is it kind of dangerous, or would you…?

Steve Streufert: Well, there is a thing we call the Curse of Bluff Creek.

Kelly: What’s that?

Steve: Well, that’s sort of related to the Curse of Bigfoot. The Curse of Bigfoot usually means you’re going to get divorced, that your friends will all think you’re crazy. You’ll be impecunious and you’ll spend all of your days looking for something you’ll never find.

Yes, I mock him, but only because his vocabulary is more capacious than mine. (‘Impecunious‘?)

Willow Creek 08 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
Wants to make “Willow Creep”


There’s no food and no water, unless you wanna drink the wild water.

Steve on the dangers of looking for the site

Wild water? WTF!?

0:18:42 Interview with Tommy Yamarone (as himself), ‘the Bob Dylan of the Bigfoot community’.

0:21:38 Interview with a woman, Shaun L White Guy Sr. (WTF!?), a native American who shares that, when she was a little girl, Bigfoot made her dad crash his car. I’d be inclined believe this, if ‘Bigfoot’ is a brand of cheap, local whiskey.

0:24:52 Interview with Troy Andrews (Rpeter Jackson, who doesn’t act as well as the people playing themselves, or even people playing with themselves), a ranger tells the story of how “sumpin’ or something” ripped his hunting dog apart.

Troy: There’s a lot of people live back in these woods and they just don’t like other people in their business.

Jim: Like who?

Troy: Like pot farmers and river people. Locals. I don’t know, pets and people go missing all the time here.

So does grammar. #whom

0:29:02 Timmy Red – 952 Frames of Truth

Interestingly enough, Timmy Red is also listed as “Productivity Manager” in the credits. Yes, ‘interesting’ is relative.

0:29:24 A backwoods warning, illiterally.

Willow Creek 09 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
Spelling Be

0:34:18 As Jim and Kelly near the entrance to the site, a large bear (in the gay sense) tells the couple to turn around, drive back to town and have a piece of pie in the Fuck Off café. I wonder what that pie would taste like.

0:36:24 Jim knows of a different way to access the trail, so he drives off in another direction. Those bells you hear are the loud peals of WTF!? that Kelly doesn’t protest after she’s been expressing concern about the trek throughout the film. Am I ballsy enough to go there where a local mountain man just threatened me away from? Only if we’re talking about a sex joke.

0:38:44 WTF!? They’re looking for Bigfoot and they casually stroll by a huge mound of earth and wood with a doorway and don’t even comment on it? Jim must have more experience with holes than I. #DoubtIt

Willow Creek 10 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
A plot hole

0:39:16 Wow, Kelly is suddenly very tense and aggressive. Maybe she’s experiencing the sudden onslaught of her period. Or she’s Bigfoot. #SameThing

0:41:29 Jim reaches the site where Bigfoot was first filmed and celebrates by skinny dipping. After 41 minutes of wondering what Kelly sees in him, I’m beginning to understand: it’s not what she sees in him, but on him.

0:41 :38

Kelly: How cold do you think that is?

Judging from what we can detect beneath the water, it’s very, very cold.

Willow Creek 11 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
Baby got half-back

0:42:01 When Jim leaves the water, he finds his sock hanging in a tree. It’s weird, yes, but even weirder is that it’s a coat tree.

0:42:22 Their camp site is destroyed and their tent demolished. Kelly says she wants to go home.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably just a bear.

Jim, putting the ‘ass’ in reassuring

0:45:12 Late at night, in the tent, camera rolling…

Jim: So listen, you know I love you, right? I’ve never felt this way about anyone, ever. And, uh, well… [Breaks out the ring] Kelly, will you marry me?

Kelly: [Silence] I don’t know what to say.

Jim: You could start by saying ‘yes’.

Kelly: [Very long and painful silence] I really care about you. I do. I really do. I just think it might be too soon.

Whatever happens during the rest of the film, it will never get as painful for Jim as this.

Willow Creek 03 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
“Two heads are better than one” – Headhunter

046:54 The suspense is ruining me. I’m dying for them to get it over with, as they soon will be.

0:55:44 While delineating the possible sources of the noises, they list everything, including the perv at the bookshop, but neglect to mention the insane mountain man who physically threatened Jim? Would you like sugar with that WTF!?

0:59:52 I think it’s cute how Jim and Kelly think they’re safe inside the tent. As if rain proofed polymer the thickness of human skin could protect them from anything larger than my salary.

0:47:28 – 1:05:37 A single take that lasted nearly 20 minutes with, as far as I can tell, no cuts. Impressive job by both actors, especially Kelly, though Jim did his part by not getting in her way.

Willow Creek 12 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
“Eww, it’s coming back out.”

1:06:38 The next morning, at dawn, the couple leave for their car. Jim picks up random hair samples he finds along the path. Like hair of the dog without the hangover.

1:10:28 Kelly realises they’ve been walking in circles for three hours. And not just in their relationship.

1:12:16 Jim and Kelly are chased away by an invisible Bigfoot. He resembles all of the other Bigfeet in that respect.

[N.B. A reader called Curtis mentions in the comments that he’s heard Bobcat mention in an interview that the murderers are, in fact, hill people and not and fictitious beast.]

Willow Creek 13 (Saint Pauly Watch the Film WTF)
A Field ‘Trip’

1:16:06 While running away from noises in the night, they find a naked slapper (certainly the missing woman from the poster) surrounded by other noises. Jim is then attacked by noises, that cause the sound of his clothes to tear. The close-up shot of grass is the same that begins the film, then Jim is dragged away screaming by darkness. For a lot of nothing, it’s really something.

1:17:12 Kelly’s screams are followed by Bigfoot wails. No mention is made of how this footage was found. Why do I care?

Roll credits

Tally Ho’

  • WTF!?’s: 3 that stepped on my toes
  • When to Follow: Unfortunately, many people won’t like this film for lack of action and gore. Fortunately, there are those, like me, who will appreciate its intimate look at Americana and Goldthwait’s capacity to develop suspense out of thin air.
  • Where’s This Found: Out of a possible 10, I have 7 F’s to give

7 Fs 139pt

  • What To Feedback: Do you believe in Bigfoot? Yes or no, let us know down below.

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12 thoughts on “WTF: Willow Creek (2013)

    1. Sir Ryan!

      Thank you for having such a great sense of humour. I’m glad you stopped by and thank you ever so much for taking the time to leave a nice comment. Hope to see you back again soon!

      WTF, Ryan (Watch The Film)!

      Saint Pauly


    1. Dear Ronan!

      I’m trying to remember back, and if I recall correctly, we see him being dragged back into the woods, clawing at the ground, but no actual gore. But tell you what, the last time I watched it was a while ago, so let’s take your word for it and say that you’re right and I’m wrong!

      Thanks for your compliment on the synopsis. I, in turn, liked your comment!

      WTF Ronan!? (Watch The Film)

      Saint Pauly


  1. Nobody mentions that it was more than one wailing at a time near the end of the movie. Therefore, I was under the impression that there was more than one Bigfoot out there during the attack. The big, baddest beast wins the newest forest bride in a fight after eliminating the weak human? Besides, who else would one be knocking and vocalizing to, if there were not others? I haven’t figured out the aggressive redneck waiting for them other than as a concerned citizen, but wouldn’t his attitude be different then? Could be pot farmer, like someone said, just thrown in to the mix to confuse or to add in some actual realism. I just don’t get why a Bigfoot tribe would stay in an obvious tourist attraction area, even if it is off the beaten track? I enjoyed it, but I don’t like these type of lazy endings, which only leave too many questions.


    1. Hallo MIYankee!

      I don’t think I realised there was more than one waking at the end! I must go back and give it a re-read, I think. Perhaps there was a Bigfoot and a mate, and they stayed in the same location as they’re territorial?

      As mentioned, I found the aggressive local was a loose end, as well. If he was meant to figure into the ending, then the clues were a bit too discrete for this reviewer. I suspect he was more a red herring, but I agree, he should’ve been handled differently.

      I agree with you, I enjoyed this one, but might’ve enjoyed it more had the ending been treated differently.

      Thank you so much for your visit and comment!

      WTF!? MIYankee,

      Saint Pauly


  2. Plot twist? Maybe there is no Bigfoot. Maybe it’s a group of backwoods kidnappers who play up the Bigfoot legend to keep people away but lure unsuspecting city folk in? The creepy bookstore owner gives them details on how to get there while simultaneously warning them away in a way that will only entice them to go. The big angry dude who detours them…to right where he and his backwoods buddies want them. And human-like yips and howls for the fun of the chase until we see their current captive (whose chunk of hair was found earlier). Just thinking….


    1. Hallo Nichole!

      Thank you for the visit and the comment. Especially such an interesting one!

      You raise a very intriguing point. I’ve always wondered what the role wad of the gruff bloke who told them to leave. It seemed like such a random moment in the film for me, but your theory would explain his purpose neatly. Food for thought, to be sure!

      Thank you one again for your ideas! 💡

      WTF!? Nichole (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  3. I’ve heard Bobcat himself make the comment that what he liked about his film is that Sasquatch wasn’t the antagonist in the ending. In other words, it had to be the NorCal rednecks that were responsible for the films somewhat unclear conclusion.


    1. Hallo Curtis!

      Really?! That’s fascinating! I’ll have to amend the text to reflect this concept. Do you know of any place online where this stance is referenced? Might I ask where you heard him make this comment?

      I truly appreciate your clarification!

      WTF Curtis (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


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