WTF: The Voices (2014)

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Spoiler Alert:

I shall be psycho analysing The Voices, judging its tone and taking its message to see if it speaks to me or falls on deaf ears. So read on only if you’ve already seen The Voices, or don’t plan to.

Watch THE VOICES here

The Voices 02 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
The cat’s got his tongue

0:01:32 I just love videos of small towns. They make me so glad I don’t live in one.

0:04:42 In his room above an abandoned bowling alley, a voice-off criticizes Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) for agreeing to help plan the company picnic. Picnics… Picnics are buffets for bugs and poor people.

0:08:16 Jerry meets with Dr. Warren (Jacki Weaver), his court appointed therapist, who asks him if he’s still on his medication. Like a gay athlete with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, Jerry avoids that issue.

[Why does he need a court appointed psychiatrist? See 56:22]

The Voices 03 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Psychological ties


Dr. Warren: Do you ever hear her voices?

Jerry: Voices? No… I mean… When someone’s talking to me.

Dr. Warren: You hesitated a little bit there.

Jerry:  It just makes me think of my mother.

Dr. Warren: ‘Angels’ was what she called her voices.

Jerry: Yeah.

Dr. Warren: Angels were her coping strategy. The voices were real to her.

I’m not the one equating religion and mental illness. For once.

0:09052 Fiona (Gemma Arterton not trying to hide her accent) wants a conga line at the picnic. Conga is the last sort of line I’d do.

The Voices 04 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Suddenly, Jerry desired a milk shake

0:11:04 The critical voice in the earlier scene belonged to a pussy – cat (Mr. Whiskers, voiced by Ryan Reynolds). The dog (Bosco, also voiced by Ryan Reynolds) speaks as well, but more like a drunk and stupid best friend than the cat who is, well, catty.

0:12:52 Jerry stops by the accounting department of the company to pay a visit to Fiona, who is as cold as London in June. Lisa (Anna Kendrick), however, asks if he’d like to ‘chick out’ at the bar with some of the girls after work. I can’t help thinking he’d rather ‘chick in’.

The Voices 05 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to give him head…hers

0:13:35 Lisa is obviously infatuated with Jerry. Is Anna Kendrick showing too much cleavage, or is it just my being overly gay?

The Voices 06 SC cleavage (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Valley of the Shadow of Breasts

0:15:04 WTF!? Fiona accepts Jerry’s invitation to a romantic rendez-vous at a Chinese restaurant because…why? She already believes him to be dim sum what.


The Voices 07 GIF Fuck Me (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
What every girls’ says

0:17:17 Fiona stood Jerry up, and not like a nurse with a legless man.

0:22:58 Jerry happens upon Fiona, who was stranded in the rain with car trouble. She’s surprised he didn’t get the cancellation message she never sent and agrees to let him take her to a burger restaurant, making this a meat and greet.

The Voices 08 GIF Fist Bump (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
I loathe animal photos so this is awww-some for me

0:24:32 Jerry asks Fiona a trivia question by saying that only four angels are named by name in the Bible. Three of them are Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. Who’s the fourth?

[I’m not going to answer here. If you think you know, or have seen this film, then leave the answer in the comments! BTW, how sad is it that I already knew the answer from my days as a Catholic school belle.]

025:06 You know how in movies the driver never looks at the road? Jerry does the same here. But to the film’s credit  here’s what happens.

The Voices 09 GIF Fist Bump (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Oh Deer!

0:25:24 Lol, the deer head that’s come through the windscreen and is now on the dashboard asks Jerry to take a knife and slit its throat. The deer is also voiced by Ryan Reynolds. He’s such an animal.

0:26:01 As the deer’s blood sprays on Fiona, she panics and runs out of the car and into the woods. Trying to get her to come back, Jerry follows her, still holding the knife.


Jerry: I’m sorry if I hurt you.

Jerry to Fiona after he falls on top of her, knife first

Then he stabs her in the chest to put her out of her misery, the recently heartless wench.

The Voices 10 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
He’s in love, no matter how you slice it

0:29:14 Bosco the dog tells Jerry he should go to the police and confess. Mr. Whiskers points out he took the knife with him when he ran after Fiona because he wanted to kill her and, indeed, the only time he feels truly alive is when he’s killing. Jerry agrees that killing is his living.


Jerry: The medication smooths things out, and that’s OK. But even though there were bad moments–

Dr. Warren: – – Very bad moments.

Jerry: – – very bad – –  they’re also moments of inspiration and beauty, when all the world makes sense. And the elegant secret mechanics of man and God are revealed in their many dimensions, and the universe is laid out before mine eyes and it is a blessed place.

Dr. Warren: You totally stopped taking the pills, didn’t you?

Jerry: Totally.

I usually feel like that after I take the pills.

0:36:12 Jerry is in his room, sawing Fiona into bits and putting the pieces into Tupperware containers. TIL a hacksaw is the wrong tool for human bones, but at least he’s able to get a piece from Fiona.


The Voices 11 SC Fiona stacks up (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
How Fiona stacks up

0:37:42 He put her head in the ice box, as if she weren’t cold enough before she died.

0:39:32 Fiona’s head chastises Jerry into taking his anti-psychotic meds. As she’s just a severed head, it’s safe to say she lost her figure.

0:42:36 Waking up from a nap, his psychosis has lifted and he sees the harsh reality of what he’s done. So he promptly washes the rest of the medication down the drain and makes himself sick in the toilet to flush the drugs from his system.

Here are some comparison photos. The first / top image is how Jerry perceives life through the veil of his insanity. The second / bottom is what he sees through the reality of his drugs.

The Voices 12a SC Comparison (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Two heads are better than one
The Voices 12b SC Comparison (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
My flat Saturday morning and Sunday morning


Fiona: Hey, Jerry. Jerry? Can you get me a friend?

Jerry: A friend?

Fiona: I get so lonely in the fridge.

0:46:56 Lol! Jerry and his pets are watching a compilation of animals making the beast with two backs.


Bosco: He is wrong. We’re not like the pussy, Jerry.

The dog is the angel on Jerry’s right shoulder and Mr. Whiskers is the devil on the other.

0:51:11 Jerry is going back with Lisa to her place. The music sounds like Jerry has chosen Mr. Whisker’s option.

The Voices 13 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
“Anna Kendrick, you’re my favourite garden gnome.”

0:56:22 Jerry takes Lisa to an isolated house in the forest where he grew up and has a flashback of himself in his early teens killing his mother. She’s begging him to slice her throat, as she would rather die than return to the mental asylum. Either way, young Jerry is a pain in her neck and so is the shard of glass he’s wielding.

0:57:51 Jerry abandons the knife with which he intended to stab Lisa in the back. Instead of giving her eternity, he gives her one night.

1:02:38 Lisa asks Alison for Jerry’s address so she might get him a surprise. Her surprise will be nowhere near the surprise she’ll have seeing Tupperware containers of Fiona filling his room and finding her head in his fridge.


Bosco: Ah, Jerry, I just need a whiff of her butt!

Things dogs say.

1:08:51 In a very WTFull moment, Jerry accidentally locks himself out of his room so he has to climb on the roof to access the skylight. In the meantime, Lisa decides she won’t leave like she promised but instead will pick the lock because this is part of an accountant’s skill set.

1:13:22 After Lisa discovers all the mess and the blood, she tries to escape but Jerry throws her into his bed where she breaks her neck on the headboard. Jerry then kills her with a knife, proving he’s bad in bed.

1:14:08 Jerry places Lisa’s head in the fridge beside Fiona’s. Because two heads are better than one.

The Voices 14 GIF Two Heads (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Heads above the rest

1:16:56 Lisa’s officemate Alison goes to visit Jerry after neither Lisa nor Jerry show up for work. She decides to do this after reading an article on-line about how Jerry killed his mother as a boy (1:16:10). However, she decides not to ask either of the men reading the article with her to accompany her. WTF!? Has she lost her head? #NotYet

The Voices 15 SC Escalated (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
That escalated quickly



Bosco: Hey, Jer? You remember last week when you said there was an invisible line that separates good from evil and you thought you’d crossed it and I said, ‘No no no, you’re a good boy’?

Jerry: Yeah, I remember. So what?

Bosco: I’ve changed my opinion.

1:20:12 Jerry pays a visit to his psychologist and confesses to no longer taking his medication.

Jerry: Dr. Warren, I’m a bad person.

Dr. Warren: Don’t be so hard on yourself. I appreciate your honesty. I’m disappointed, but hey, it’s not like you killed someone.

Jerry: Uhm…

Dr. Warren: What, Jerry?

Jerry: It is kind of like that. Kind of like that times three.


Dr. Warren: Just because you have thoughts, doesn’t mean you have to act on them.

Such a simple concept, alien to so many.

The Voices 17 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Dr. Do Little

1:26:18 The two blokes from the office arrive at Jerry’s room over the bowling alley to investigate. One of the men waits in the truck as a guard and the other picks the lock. Apparently this is a skill everyone in America has mastered.

1:26:38 WTF!? The bloke who broke into Jerry’s place told his mate to call the police, but when Jerry arrives with his therapist hours later, the police aren’t there yet. Perhaps they’re too busy arresting all the lock pickers.

1:31:12 While escaping the police (who arrive eventually), Jerry breaks a pipe and creates a gas leak that will end the film with a bang.

1:35:02 The explosion starts a fire in the bowling alley and Jerry listens to Bosco and lays his life down, literally, on the floor, when he lets the smoke take him.

The Voices 16 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Couch vegetable

1:35:26 After the animals part ways, amicably, Jerry meets his mother, father, Lisa, Alison and Jesus. They’re dressed in cheap clothes either from the 70’s or Edinburgh.

Roll credits

Tally Ho’

  • WTF!?’s: 4 screaming ones.
  • When to Follow: A little more dark than comedy, The Voices is a good, Saturday night watch for couples who hate romantic comedies.
  • Where’s This Found: A well-put together film, solidly directed by Marjane Satrapi (best known for the animated Persepolis). In addition to the intriguing story line and nice pacing, Ryan Reynolds plays the goofy yet tortured Jerry with a finesse that will help us forgive him for R.I.P.D. and Green LanternOut of a possible 10, I have 8 F’s to give

8 Fs

  • What To Feedback: Answer Jerry’s riddle in the comment section: Only four angels are named by name in the Bible. Three of them are Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. Who’s the fourth?

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Left Over WTF (Way Too Funny) Photos

The Voices 19 poster 2 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
In my continuing effort to improve upon film posters…
The Voices 18 GIF Asshole (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
How I apologize
The Voices 20 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Jerry is the Cereal Killer
The Voices 21 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
“We can’t all go as ‘Orange is the New Black’!”
The Voices 22 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
How to turn a coffee table into a head stand
The Voices 23 (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)
Ryan and Gemma in Gender Roles

Prints suitable for reposting!

WTF!? did they say?

The Voices 24 WDTS Thoughts (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)

WTF!? do you meme?

The Voices 25 meme cereal (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)

The Voices 26 meme do little (Watch The Film WTF Saint Pauly)

Suddenly, Jerry desired a milk shake

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7 thoughts on “WTF: The Voices (2014)

    1. Hello Katie!

      Right you are! The 4th and Galen Angel is indeed Lucifer. Thus makes me wish I had a prize for you other than my gratitude for your visit and your reply.

      Please do come by again!

      WTF!? Katie (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  1. The horror. Somebody turned the Instagram psycho filter up to 12. WTF? Totally unexpected from the two line précis in the Foxtel “guide”, but it was Ryan Reynolds, and he plays a great straight man, or just for laughs, so how bad could it be? (Hint: super bad, super creepy)
    I think I might even watch the Lantern, which I was (totally) never going to watch after the jaw dropping trailer, but it must be a Marvel parody. Maybe Stan Lee didn’t get it, or maybe he has a better sense of humour than I thought.


    1. Hallo Art!

      Thank you so much for the comment! Totally agree that this film came from left field and knocked my socks off. No matter how good it was, however, it will never be good enough to make up for the disaster that is Lantern. Trust me! Read my review on this site and be forewarned!

      WTF, Art!? (Watch The Film)

      Saint Pauly


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