WTF: Kung Fury (2015)

Kung Fury 04 SC That's hot (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)

Kung Fury 01 poster (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)

NO Spoiler Alert!

…because you can watch the film for free before you read the review.

[Full disclosure: The reason I can find no fault with this film has nothing to do with my backing it on Kickstarter (proof)]

00:03 The static on the screen is intentional. Set in Miami in 1985, the film is meant to look as though it’s being viewed on VHS video cassette. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this technology, think Vine recorded in the dark on a roller coaster.

00:27 This is the scene in the trailer that had me saying, “Shut up and take my money.”

Kung Fury 02 GIF Kick it off with a bang (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Kicking it off with a bang

01:00 An Atari style video game called Laser Unicorns (which is also the name of the production company that made Kung Fury) comes to life when a loser kicks it. The player becomes the game hunted by the machine.

Kung Fury 03 GIF Are you game (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Are you game?

02:20 Kung Fury (David Sandberg, also the film’s writer and director) is called in for backup. He’s going to put the video game out of commission.

Kung Fury 03 SC Stepping on it(WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Stepping on it

02:34 The quality of the image mimics VHS technology. Bad quality tapes would fall out of sync and automatic tracking would kick in, attempting to re-establish the image. For those of us familiar with the experience of watching VHS, this is uncanny. I feel like I’m 6 months old again.


Kung Fury 04 SC That's hot (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
He’s got balls of fire

03:44 Back story: After a sentimental bonding session between a young police officer and his older partner (Steven Chew as Dragon), the Kung Fu master (Eos Karlsson as Red Ninja) they were pursuing cuts the moment short. Literally.

With one fatal blow, he hit my partner. I could tell he was dead straight off.

Kung Fury 05 GIF Splitting up (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Splitting up

03:58 Before our hero can exact revenge, he is transformed into Kung Fury.

I was hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra. I blacked out and saw images of ancient Shaolin temples and monks, mastering the art of Kung Fu. It was an ancient prophesy about a new form of Kung Fu so powerful only one man could master it. The chosen one.

Origin-al Story.

[NB. In his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), director David Sandberg poses this leading question, “Also, was it Thor’s lightning bolt that created Kung Fury in the first place?” (See 14:54)]


Kung Fury: Knock knock.

Red Ninja: Who’s there?

Kung Fury [hesitating]: Knock…cles.

Then he punches the evil doer into a gas container lorry and does the splits, but not in the same fashion as his partner.

Kung Fury 06 GIF He's got gas (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
He’s got gas

05:44 I love this film like I love meeting a lover who has my sense of humour.

Kung Fury 07 SC Dino-sore (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
How do you make a dinosaur? Take a dino and spank him!


I’ve got the mayor up my ass like a fag on Viagra.

Viagra wasn’t released until 1998. I understand this might be an intentional anachronism, but the joke breaks the illusion of the VCR / 1985 theme so I call WTF.

07:21 In the police station, Kung Fury quits the force because he’s forced to have a new partner. He’s a no-nonsense cop who doesn’t go by the book, or read them either.

07:38 Hitler (Jorma Tacconehas come from the past (in the same alley Kung Fury received his powers) and steals a device that is more phone than mobile.

You big phoney
You big phoney

07:57 LOL! I wish this film would be my life partner.

Kung Fury 09 GIF Shoot your mouth off (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Shoot your mouth off

08:48 Kung Fury’s IT assistant, Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson), was able to not only trace the call, but determine the identity of the caller.

Kung Fury 10 SC Screen captured (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
A piece of shitler

Hackerman: His name is Adolph Hitler.

Kung Fury: Hitler… He’s the worst criminal of all time.

Hackerman: Do you know him, sir?

Kung Fury: I guess you could say that. In the 1940s, Hitler was a kung fu champion. He was so good at kung fu that he decided to change his name to Kung Führer.  But it didn’t stop there. He knew of the Kung Fury prophesy and wanted to claim the throne… Then one day, he disappeared from the face of the earth and no one has seen him ever since. Until now.

Kung Fury 11 SC Raise a führer (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Raise a führer

10:16 Hackerman realizes that, with the right computer algorithm, he can hack Kung Fury back in time, like a time machine. Cracking the code could be BASIC.

12:44 Hackerman slips up and sends Kung Fury too far into the past. Like getting lost in Memory Lane.

Fuck, that’s a laser raptor. I thought they went extinct thousands of years ago.

Kung Fury, after a dinosaur destroys his skate-keyboard with beams from its eyes

13:18 A Viking woman called Barbarianna (Eleni Young) rides in on a giant wolf and kills the dino with the 7.62 mm 6 barrel minigun she’s wielding. This must be how the laser raptors went extinct. [Special shout out to Pat who, in the comments, informed me as to what kind of weapon she uses.]

Kung Fury 12 SC Horny Hat (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
I can tell by her hat she’s horny

Kung Fury: What year is this?

Barbarianna: It’s the Viking age.

Kung Fury: That explains the laser raptor.

13:38 Barbarianna tells Kung Fury to meet her at the God’s Drop, and that Katana will take him there. What she fails to mention is why she can’t. WTF!? Maybe it’s a lone passenger wolf.

Instead, Katana takes him there on the back of a ‘T-Rex’ with lizard skin seats.

Kung Fury 13 SC Train rex (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
A Train Rex

[NB: Helene Ahlsonthe actress who plays Katana in the film, is not the same actress who played her in the trailer (Joanna Häggblom). In his AMA, David Sandberg implies Joanna was unavailable for this film.]

Kung Fury 14 SC Joanna Häggblom Collage (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
M.I.A. (Missing In Acting)

14:54 A colossal Thor (Andreas Cahlingarrives to send Kung Fury back to Nazi Germany, and his flexing muscles sound like leather stretching. Meaning his skin is leathery, I suppose.

16:04 Kung Fury gives Barbarianna his phone number and a phone with which to call him and an advert as well. Adverts in direct-to-video cassette B-films are as 80s as Culture Club and parachute pants.

17:34 Kung Fury arrives in Nazi Germany thanks to Thor’s portal (not a euphemism).

Kung Fury 15 GIF Tank You! (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)

Kung Fury could write for this site!


I’m disarming you.

Before Kung Fury, I never wanted offspring. Now I want this film to bear my children.

Kung Fury 16 GIF Very handy (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Very handy

18:44 A long but original fight scene where Kung Fury attacks the Nazi soldiers in a format based on side-scrolling games in the 80s. Think ‘Donkey Kong Fury’.

20:46 After Hitler apparently kills Kung Fury with a fifty calibre machine gun he keeps in the podium, Thor, Hackerman, Triceracop, Barbarianna, Katana and a T-Rex arrive from a portal to destroy Hitler. Blasts from the past.

21:08 I’m not proud of it, but Hitler promotes this site.

Kung Fury 17 GIF He's saying 'Watch The Film' (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
He’s saying ‘Watch The Film’

23:24 After the ensuing battle in which our team of intrepid heroes defeat all the Nazi soldiers, the golden eagle decorating the backdrop of the stage comes to life and fights the T-Rex. Meanwhile, the merry band discover Kung Fury’s body and the film suddenly switches to Saturday morning American style cartoon. Now Kung Fury can have an animated discussion.

[NB. Triceracop shoots every Nazi soldier in the genital region because: “Triceracop can shoot a fly in the dick from 500 yards away, it’s his one skill that he prides on. He got top dick shot at the academy.” – David Sandberg]

24:25 Cartoon Kung Fury speaking to his Cobra spirit animal on a hover platform in heaven.

Kung Fury: Mr. Cobra, I’m a police officer and I need you to send me back to earth. Pronto!

Cobra: I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that. You see, you’re dead.

Kung Fury: You’re under arrest!

Cobra: What!?

Kung Fury: For obstruction of justice!

And just like that, cartoon Kung Fury is sent back to the body of the real Kung Fury, who resuscitates. #Re-animation.

Kung Fury 18 SC Colourful language (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Colourful language


Kung Fury: What the hell happened?

Hackerman: I hacked away all of your bullet wounds, Kung Fury.


 Kung Fury 19 GIF arm's length (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Arm’s length

26:04 Hitler, now alone, becomes obsequious and tries to placate Kung Fury into joining him.

Hitler: We are so alike, it’s almost like we finish each other’s…

Kung Fury: Balls!

Kung Fury 20 GIF Balls (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)

26:21 Thor brings the hammer down on Hitler and his metal eagle. They disappear in no time…flat.


Kung Fury: Sorry I ever doubted you, Triceracop. You’re the best damn partner I’ve ever had.

Triceracop: I came back in time for you, Kung Fury, because, damnit, I love you.

They’ve known each other for minutes and these are the first words they’ve ever spoken to each other. Unrealistic? No, American!

Kung Fury 21 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
“Let me pinch Jurass.”


Two days earlier, in the future.

We return to the scene where the video game destroys Miami. In a Knight Rider tribute, Kung Fury is arguing with his car’s internal computer, the Hoff9000 (David Hasselhoff), about opening the doors while he drives. With the film and the vehicle, The Hoff is on-board.

Kung Fury 22 SC Hoff (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Driving Hoff into the sunset

28:20 In the alley where the boom box plays the radio, the golden eagle appears with Hitler enfolded in its wings. The swastika is shown on the edge of the killer video game.

Kung Fury: Wait a minute, I’ve seen that symbol before… somewhere. [flashback] Hitler!

[NB: In his reddit AMA, director David Sandberg says that “[Thor] accidentally opened up a portal to 1985 Miami instead of Killing him [Hitler].”]

Roll credits

David Hasselhoff sings the theme song.

Tally Ho’

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  • Where’s This Found: This film is the reason the internet was invented. The most beautiful thing about it is not it’s ‘cleverness’ although there is certainly enough of that, but the solid ideas that support it. Out of a possible 10, I have 9 F’s to give.

9 Fs 139pt

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 Kung Fury 23 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
What a hack!
 Kung Fury 24 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Kung Fury gets his kicks
 Kung Fury 24 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Team Spirits

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6 thoughts on “WTF: Kung Fury (2015)

  1. Best 30 minutes of my life. Watching the film wasn’t bad either. Awesome review dude. But then, you’re just doing…. YOUR JOB.

    My own review will neither be as long, or as funny. But it will endorse the shit out of this awesome movie.


    1. Rodney!

      I see what you did there! Glad you enjoyed the review; the writing of which was nearly as fun as the watching of the film. I’m looking forward to your take on this one, but you’re right, it’s a hard film to hate.

      WTF Rodney (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


    1. Dear Pat!

      Thank you so much for clearing up my confusion. As a gay Englishman, there are huge gaps in my knowledge of weaponry! It certainly seems like a mighty gun and I’m sure you had a ‘blast’ using one in the service.

      I appreciate your kind compliment on my review and hope to see you back soon and often!

      WTF Pat!? (Watch the Film)

      Saint Pauly


  2. “Before Kung Fury, I never wanted offspring. Now I want this film to bear my children.”

    If a review of a movie has that line in it, you know… oooh yeah you KNOW, baby… you got a REAL winner in your hands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hallo Lévai József!

      Thank you so much for reading the post and leaving a comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed my review, and hope you enjoyed the film as much as I did!

      WTF Lévai (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


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