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Spoiler Alert:

I shall be revealing Exposed, laying bare its naughty parts, unearthing its treasures and removing the scabs from its sore spots to determine if it’s a hidden treasure or hiding something. So read on only if you’ve already seen Exposed, or don’t plan to.

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Exposed 02 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Keanu ages as well as he acts

As a critic, you know you’re going to have to sharpen your pencil and get ready to spew when the film you’re about to review had its name changed (from Daughter of God to Exposed) and the director himself sued to have his name removed from the movie because of extensive changes the studio made. The director, Gee Malik Lintoneventually settled on the pseudonym Declan Dale, and we the viewers have to settle for this.

[N.B. In order to not to spoil the integrity of the film, I’ve included a thorough analysis of the symbols at the bottom of this synthesis.]

[UPDATE: After posting this article, the producers of Daughter of God (the director’s cut of Exposed) gave me access to the original version of Exposed. Is is better? Find out at: WTF!? Daughter of God.]

0:03:28 A young Hispanic man (Gabe Vargas as Manuel ‘Rocky’ de la Cruz) escorts his sister-in-law (Ana de Armas as Isabel de la Cruz) to the underground from a late night club, and then returns to join his girlfriend and an ex-prison acquaintance. I recently saw Ana de Armas as Bell in Knock Knock, which also starred Keanu – it’s a small world but I wouldn’t want Reeves to act in it.

Exposed 03 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
No one suspected Manuel was dating Chewbacca

0:07:38 While Isabel waits for the tube under the watchful eye of a poster, she breaks a heel and a thick gold wedding ring slips off of her finger. From the way her entrance into the station was filmed, I was afraid something would happen to her. Now I’m afraid something won’t.

Exposed 04 SC right between the eyes (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
I don’t like the looks of these posters

0:08:52  A hot albino with a briefcase (Stephen Thompson as Albino Floating Man), steps off of the platform and walks on air as thin as paper with a 2D sketch of an anorexic on it.

Exposed 05 GIF Thin Air (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Walk on the wild side

0:11:04 In front of last night’s subway entrance, Janine (Mira Sorvino), a sobbing Mother I’d Like To Forget, approaches an older looking Keanu Reeves as Detective Scott ‘Scotty’ Galban. She’s looking for whatever remains of her husband, Joey. The only corpse anyone gets to see, however, is Keanu acting.

0:15:18 Turns out the dead Joey was Detective Joey Cullen (Danny Hoch), Keanu’s partner. ‘Partner’ in the cop sense, not the “get clean sheets and we’ll do it again” sense. Or the “What do you mean you used our last check to buy domestic beer and scratch cards?” sense. Or what about the “listen to me for the next hour and a half while I read Facebook jokes to you” sense?

Exposed 06 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Keanu makes spare change as a mime downtown

0:16:57 On Joey’s camera, found beside his body, were photos of Manuel, Isabel and Armando ‘Naldo’ Ruiz (Ariel Pacheco – Manuel’s prison friend) standing in front of the club the night before. Then there were some photos of an African American bloke who Detective Galban goes to spy on. Throughout this film, Keanu wears this expression that looks as though he’s constantly afraid someone is going to ask him to start acting well. I guess he has performance anxiety.

Exposed 07 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
“Keanu ages as well as he acts”: Reeves tries to understand my review

0:18:51 After telling her family about the floating albino, Isabel goes to her job teaching Hispanic tots about the devil. One little niña is sad because she lost her little horse. Either this is going to be important later on or I’ve just wasted 10 minutes swiping this out on my phone.

[N.B. It will be important later on.]

0:19:40 The rap song you’re hearing is “That’s Harr” by Jaquáe.

0:21:12 After the albino, Isabel now sees a different apparition as she leaves the toy store. Looks as though she’s meeting the ghost of a chance.

Exposed 08 GIF Mouthing Off (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Mouthing Off

0:22:18 At his partner’s wake, where a little girl plays with the same plush unicorn Isabel’s student lost, we learn Galban lost his wife and that his son is in Florida. Hopefully, Galban won’t lose his son as well.

0:25:18 Galban and a female cop (Melissa Linton as Detective Rodriguez) arrest Jonathan ‘Black’ Jones (Big Daddy Kane), the mean looking character Galban was eyeing earlier. They suspect him of killing Joe. I suspect he’s famous for something other than acting. (I was right, Big Daddy Kane was a rapper famous in the 80s & 90s. Often those who act badly in films are good in another domain; Keanu being the exception that proves the rule.)

0:26:36 Kendu Wallace and his significant other are found dead in their apartment with a bullet each in their head. Kendu was Joey’s snitch and is the one who gave up Black to Galban [at 0:14:11]. He won’t make that mistake again.

0:27:51 Isabel and the fam Skype with her husband José de la Cruz (Ismael Cruz Cordova), who’s in Iraq. Josés brother (Manuel) swears he won’t go back to prison and that he just wants to work in the butcher shop. Ah, boys handling their meat…

Exposed 09 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Tearing up

0:29:06 Black tells Naldo that when he was in holding, the police showed him ‘snitch pictures’ of Naldo with a ‘Dominican nigga’. Naldo says he was with Rocky, but I think he’s got the wrong film.


He [Detective Joey Cullen] violated my nigga with a stick, man. … It’s just crazy that he did that to Rocky, who just got out.

Naldo to Black

Does that make it a ‘stick up’?

Exposed 10 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Kane’s music was a bad rap


Isabel [Skyping with José]: The other day, I saw something beautiful.

Husband: What did you see?

Isabel: It’s hard to explain, or understand… But… It showed me you were coming back soon.

‘Hard to explain or understand’? Did she see this film?

0:32:37 Police Lieutenant Galway (Christopher McDonald) tells Scotty that Joey was very dirty and that his dirt caught up with him. Then he says Scott shouldn’t dig too deeply in the investigation because the widow may lose her husband’s pension. Still, knowing Galban, the more dirt there is, the more he’s going to dig.

Exposed 11 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
“Can you spot the seven errors in this picture?”

0:33:18 The Lieutenant tells Scott to forget Black as a suspect, even if he had a motive (Cullen was blackmailing him). Cullen was dirty, and not the good kind.

0:33:57 I have the feeling they’re using a clearer filter when they shoot Isabel, to symbolize she’s on a different plane. Either that or she’s simply brighter than everyone else.

Exposed 12 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Suddenly Isabel remembered she wasn’t attracted to assholes

0:37:42 WTF!? Isabel thinks she sees the child she knows (Venus Ariel as Eilsa, the girl with the plush toy) being kidnapped so she gets off the bus 500 meters later but doesn’t run after the girl? She chooses instead to stand there and turn in circles and freak out when she sees an elderly African American woman with an eye print on her bag? The bag may see, but I don’t.

Exposed 13 SC Eye on the bag (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
She has her eye on that bag

0:42:57 In New York, José’s pit-bull is run over and killed. His name is Lucky, but he wasn’t.

0:43:31 The Marines pay a visit to the de la Cruz household to inform them José isn’t coming back from Iraq. Perhaps they should call him ‘Lucky’, too.


Exposed 14 SC Early retirement (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Early retirement – Marine style

0:45:46 WTF!? Now they’re saying Naldo is dead as well? Black is the leading cause of death in this movie, and that’s not racist, that’s the script.

0:49:04 Isabel is at the day care, waiting on Elisa’s mum. I suspect the little girl doesn’t exist, so they’re going to wait for a long time. I’m starting to have a Sixth Sense about this film.

Exposed 15 Early retirement (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Still has fewer hang ups than Keanu

0:50:37 Isabel drops off the child but the man who answers the door is the Hispanic cowboy she spotted from the bus (0:37:42). She leaves the little girl but feels so bad about it we have to watch her throw up. I suspect my reaction to this film is contagious.

0:51:12 Of course she’s pregnant! A woman spitting up in a film is so often pregnant that I’m beginning to suspect vomit is the leading cause of pregnancy in cinema.

0:52:46 Joey’s widow (Mira Sorvino as Janine) comes on to Scotty by eating a cupcake. She tries to be hot enough to make his dough rise.

Exposed 16 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
When you get a Mira Sorvino blow-up doll for your birthday

0:55:02 Isabel tells her husband’s family (mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law…) that she has good news. José had been in Iraq for a year, but she’s miraculously pregnant! Her in-laws shun her – it seems they are not as religious as she believed.

0:57:18 The best part of this film was them not showing us Keanu’s sex scene.

0:58:02 Janine tells Scotty her husband did rape Manuel with a broomstick. I find that so horrible that I vow never to touch a broom again in my life.

Exposed 17 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Plumber photobomb

1:01:36 Scotty calls the young son he’s too afraid to raise to thank the lad for the home-made birthday card. The son’s absence rings strange to me. Either something is going on with the kid or this film is written by one.

1:07:24 Isabel’s in-laws throw her out and she’s forced to return to her real parents, whom she hates as much as her in-laws hate her.

1:08:08 The white faced woman grew a mouth and used it to ask Isabel how to find Manuel. Isabel is simply a secretary for ghosts. I suppose this is what is meant by phantom jobs.

Exposed 18 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Tammy, I told you not to be a feminine napkin for Halloween!

1:12:24 The homeless man from the underground station recognizes Isabel, but after helping him with his spilled fruit, she ignores him like a normal homeless man.


Isabel [to Elisa]: You know what? Since I was a little girl, I always loved the name Elisa. And I told all of my friends to call me that.

Like my rating, this will be important at the end of the film.

Exposed 19 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Mum put vodka in the sippy cup again

1:16:08 Isabel kidnaps Elisa and brings her to her parents’ house. Whenever I try something like this, the police always question my motive.

1:19:23 The woman in the red dress stalks Isabel when she tries to take Elisa home. Like any passer-by, the ghost woman doesn’t get involved.

Exposed 20 SC Devil wears Prada (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
The devil really does wear Prada

1:21:02 The police department is going to kill the investigation into Joey’s death because he raped people and the Lieutenant doesn’t want to give the department a bad name. Like ‘Keanu’.

Exposed 21 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
When your suit costs an arm but not a leg

1:23:04 Black shoots Rocky in the gut because he’s still mad about the unwanted police attention. Not many people would shoot someone in the stomach to keep a low profile.

1:23:52 While Black is lighting Rocky’s last cigarette, Rocky shivs Black in the stomach a lot. Thus, Rocky is a stabbing pain and Black has one.

I told you to make sure you do a good job.

This line Rocky gives is a reference to an earlier discussion [at 1:06:03] in the butcher shop where Black went to buy pig butt (an English speciality, look at any English person from behind if you don’t believe me) when the following exchange took place:

Black: I need you to go to the police and tell them what happened between you and that little faggot cop, Cullen. Because you see right now, they thinking that I’m the one that killed him. And you and me both know that that ain’t what happened.

Rocky: If you came here to kill me, right? You better make sure you do a good job, homie. And that’s the only thing I’ma tell you.

WTF!? Where does Rocky get ‘you came here to kill me’ from ‘I want you to go to the cops’? Rocky best be careful of that gun he’s jumping.


Isabel’s father (Nelson Landrieu as Luca): I would never hurt you, Isabel… Never again… I would kill myself first.

If her father hurt her as a little girl, it would explain why Isabel treats her parents like Muslims at a Britain First rally.

Exposed 22 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Starting to understand why the film is called “Exposed”

1:26:42 Elisa comes out of the bedroom whining about ‘the man’, so Isabel grabs hold of a large knife and flashes back to the underground entrance where Manuel gives her a knife to protect herself. Then, in a tunnel straight out of Irreversible, we see what really happened:  while Isabel stood on the platform right between the eyes of the poster, Joey grabbed her from behind. She lost her heel and wedding ring in the struggle and ensuing rape (and this is a 2-minute scene that goes on two minutes too long). When he’s done with her, she stabs him in the back and pushes him onto the subway tracks.

Exposed 23 SC eye (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
It sees what I did here

1:29:50 Joey is feeling run down. By the subway train.

1:30:02 Back in the reality of her parents’ flat, her father is walking out of the room where Elisa was, so Isabel stabs him in the stomach. If he is a paedophile, her aim was a little too high.

Exposed 24 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Keanu gave Ana “moofies”: they made films all night and the next day she didn’t remember a thing

1:30:34 Mum flips out when she returns from the shop and finds her husband dead. Maybe she’s upset because she bought too much food.

1:30:57 The ghost reappears wearing black but Isabel doesn’t care. #Hispanicisthenewblack

Exposed 25 SC Pale (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Beyond the pale

1:31:48 Scott is in the flat, consoling the mother and ignoring Isabel. Scott finds a photo in the flat of Isabel as a little girl with her father…who are Elisa and the Hispanic cowboy. So Elisa and Isabel are one and the same person. This means Elisa is a figment of Isabel’s imagination, brought forth to cope with the trauma of the rape and the memories of incest that Isabel suppressed…but are now Exposed.

Exposed 26 SC Photo (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
We get the picture at the end

1:31:57 Isabel is sitting alone in the chair in real life, not clutching Elisa like she is in her mind. #mental

1:32:34 A voice repeats the 1:14:34 speech in voice-off for those viewers less perceptive than I.

Roll credits

1:35:52 Produced by Keanu Reeves. Hmm, that’s interesting, he produces as well as he acts.

Exposed 27 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Can’t stop thinking how Bill and Ted’s adventure was more excellent

1:40:46 A very beautiful blues song, which I think is called “Lonely Soul”, by M.Eye and the International P. I can only think this is the song because it can’t be found anywhere on the Internet. If the bass drops on a disk and isn’t on the ‘Net, does it really exist?

As for the synopsis: A crooked detective called Joey Cullen sexually assaults a young Hispanic woman (Isabel) in a tube station. Immediately afterwards, she stabs him and pushes his body on the tracks, but then suppresses her memory of this. In place of those memories, she’s visited by spirits for the length of the film. Her boyfriend subsequently dies in Iraq, but she falls pregnant because of the rape. Detective Scott Galban investigates Jonathan ‘Black’ Jones as the lead suspect in Cullen’s murder and, as Black doesn’t want to return to prison, he kills anyone he perceives as having implicated him in the officer’s death. At the end of the film, Detective Galban investigates the murder of an elderly Hispanic man. He was killed by his adult daughter, Isabel (the rape victim), because he abused her when she was younger. Her attack ‘exposed’ this memory and so she acted on it by stabbing her father.

Exposed 28 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Not even a magazine in the toilets is read as her lips

As for the symbolism:

  • The Angels represent victims’ attitudes and protection. The first figure (in white/innocence) has no mouth, as victims don’t talk about their abuse. The next appearances are by figures in red who (according to the producer) represent strength, leadership, courage, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, and action. The final woman appears in black after Isabel has killed her father, symbolizing the death of her father but, more importantly, the end of her trauma.
Exposed 30 SC Hering (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
I suspect it’s a red herring

What’s even more surprising is…the female Angels are Detective Galban (Keanu Reeves)! Whenever Isabel interacts with Detective Galban (for example, in front of the toy store when they both go to buy the plush horse, or at the end of the film at the crime scene in her parents’ flat), she sees an Angel.

  • The eye images represent Isabel’s eyes. She is the ‘beholder’ mentioned in the slogan [#beautyforthebeholder] and we will be seeing beautiful things through her eyes.
Exposed 13 SC Eye on the bag (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Turning a blind eye
  • Elisa is the personification of Isabel as a little girl. In the middle of the film, Isabel ‘adopts’ Elisa to take care of her, but only after first delivering the child to the strange man in the cowboy hat. At the end of the film, we see a photograph of Isabel as a child with her father, and the image is of Elisa and the man in the cowboy hat. Thus Elisa is a figment of Isabel’s imagination, like the eerie figures, and the man in the hat was her father when he was younger and abusing her.
  • The horse/unicorn plush toy represents innocence, especially that of a child. The first time the horse is mentioned is when Elisa, in Isabel’s day care centre, complains about losing her toy horse. Because Elisa is Isabel herself as a child, the loss of the horse symbolizes Isabel losing her innocence when her father abused her. After that, Detective Galban sees a little boy playing with a similar horse and asks where he can buy one for his son because his son lost his innocence when his mother died and Galban wants to restore it. Finally, at Cullen’s wake, a little girl is seen playing happily with a plush horse in front of the house, illustrating she has not been abused and is still holding on to her innocence.
Daughter of God 06 (Saint Pauly WTF)
One horny horse
  • Lucky the pit-bull represents José de la Cruz, Isabel’s husband and Manuel’s brother (Manuel is seen playing with the dog and even has the dog tattooed on his neck). Lucky breaks the lead he’s on and is killed in the street in the scene immediately preceding the one in which the family learns of José’s death just before his release.
Exposed 29 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
His tattoo is for the dogs

Click here for the incomplete soundtrack

Tally Ho’

  • WTF!?’s: Only 3 clearly evident ones
  • When to Follow: Only if you love Keanu enough to forgive him
  • Where’s This Found: Lionsgate Premiere Studio had the terrible idea of over-editing what was to be a poetic film using haunting images (à la Pan’s Labyrinth) highlighting the plight of women. Not only this, they decided to make the cuts to change the movie into a confusing snooze-fest detective story focusing on the Kristen Stewart of actors: Keanu Reeves. They should be ashamed of themselves, as should I for watching the whole thing. Out of a possible 10, I have 3 F’s to give

3 Fs 139pt

  • What To Feedback: It’s no secret that I loathe Keanu Reeves as an actor. On this website, I pan every film he’s been in. Am I being too hard on Keanu Reeves?

Update: I have added three answers to the poll because they were added as ‘Other’ by readers. They are 1. “He’s rich your not,hater.” 2. He has his moments and 3. He’s a good actor in bad films. Thanks for participating!

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White heat


Exposed 32 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
“I’ve got my pumpkin on, and this is my patch.”


Exposed 33 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
Clapping lessons


Exposed 34 (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)
“I should’ve taken the red one.”


Keanu...acting like an idiot
Keanu…acting like an idiot

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    1. Hello Peter!

      How kind of you to refer to my review as ‘insightful’! Though, of course, I do agree with you that the bloody film itself was a fright.

      I shall be emailing you tout de suite for a chance to see the Director’s Cut, though, as I’m curious as to what the film was supposed to look like. There were some intriguing plot lines that were underdeveloped and I’d like to see their original treatment.

      I also signed the petition on the website so that others might be able to enjoy the film!

      As for the link you attached on Reel Talk reviews, I’m afraid this is the message I received when I tried to follow the url:

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      Do let me know if you have another address!

      Thanks again for your visit and ways to follow up on DoG.

      WTF!? Peter (Watch The Film),

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    2. Hi Peter B,

      I’m a follower on actress Ana de Armas career and I would love to see ‘Daughter of God’ as well. I already signed the petition and hope I got more fans to sign it by sharing it over my fansite

      Would love if you could contact me so we can talk about ‘Daughter of God’ which I look forward to see one day.

      Ana (email: insomniacwonderland[@] )


    3. Hey Peter,

      Can I have details on how to see the unmolested version of Exposed? I’d like to see what happened to those 20 minutes!
      Thank you,


    4. What a wonderful telling of the mysteries. How can I see the directors cut? I looked for it on amazon and there are none for sale. I dont know if the directors cut is available, but I would like to see it if it is. Thanks!


      1. Hallo Joe!

        Thank you for the compliments, kind sir! As for the Director’s Cut, I’m afraid it’s not commercially available at this time. If you have your heart set on seeing it, the best chance you have is to sign the online petition to have the original cut released. Click on the link here:

        Sign the petition to have the film released!

        Thank you once again for your visit and your comment! Please do stop by again.

        WTF!? Joe (Watch The Film),

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    5. You could’ve made this a good review but you simply wanted to drag down Keanu Reeves and I’m sorry (not sorry) your little quips here and there that were meant to be funny I assume? They were cringe-worthy.


      1. Hallo Hails!

        “I’m sorry (not sorry) your little quips here and there that were meant to be funny I assume?”

        I can’t help but wonder… would criticism from a literate troll affect me more than this teenaged drivel, or would I care just as little?

        WTF!? Hails, (Watch The Film)

        Saint Pauly


    1. Ah, Nat!

      Thank you for saying it was a good review. So glad you liked it. 😉

      As for the rest, what can I say? Funny is in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately I have hundreds of thousands of readers who don’t share your point of view.

      As I can’t imagine you’ll be coming back any time soon, I’ll wish you all the best in the future!

      WTF!? Nat (Watch The Film),

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  1. I enjoyed the film. Couldn’t help but notice you have a really unhealthy obsession with Keanu Reeves. I guess he’s the sort of actor where you either like him or you don’t, but I think you should consider therapy. I mean, making a website to dog every single one of his movies……. That’s really obsessive. Hope you are able to work through your problems.


    1. Hallo Kerry!

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, my friend! I certainly am obsessed with Keanu, and your accusation is certainly one of the more polite I’ve read, and you are definitely in the majority. The quantity of hate mail I receive from readers regarding my opinion of Mr. Reeves’ ‘talent’ is quite staggering, actually. I commend you on keeping it civil!

      I suppose these little missives I post must seem like the ramblings of a madman, much as the child at the parade shouting “The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes! The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!” in the Andersen tale must’ve sounded a bit mad to his compatriots. Unfortunately, I’ve never been one to keep quiet and follow the crowd just to fit in.

      I do appreciate your visit, your tact and your sense of humour! Please do come back and call me out on my shite whenever the mood strikes.

      WTF!? Kerry (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly

      PS If it makes you feel any better, I’m also obsessed with how terrible Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen are, so it’s not as though I’ve singled out poor Keanu.


        1. Thank you for your visit and your question. Unfortunately, as I stated in my review, I have no idea where to find this song!

          1:40:46 A very beautiful blues song, which I think is called “Lonely Soul”, by M.Eye and the International P. I can only think this is the song because it can’t be found anywhere on the Internet.

          If I find it, I’ll let you know, and I hope you’ll do the same!


  2. Hello, I’looking for song “Lonely Soul” which appears at the end of the movie and this way I came accross your article 🙂 Tell me please do you find it? 🙂


    1. Hello Joanna!

      Thank you for your visit and your question. Unfortunately, as I stated in my review, I have no idea where to find this song!

      1:40:46 A very beautiful blues song, which I think is called “Lonely Soul”, by M.Eye and the International P. I can only think this is the song because it can’t be found anywhere on the Internet.

      If I find it, I’ll let you know, and I hope you’ll do the same!

      WTF!? Joanna (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  3. what about the albino, what does he represent ?
    if i would guess, it represents the assaulter “rapist”.
    briefcase would mean someone official
    but suicide ? he put himself in danger ?


        1. Well, I could give a very thorough review of the movie. As for a few details, I would understand better if I saw the uncut version. I watch movies to see the real story behind the story that the general public sees. There are so many movies that are a retelling of the ancient mysteries. Then again, if the the general public knew this, then I suppose they wouldn’t be mysteries. The albino does represent an angel as Mark Downie says, but he does not say which angel…


          1. Wooo…cryptic! I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially as to which angel the Albino represents. I understand your point of view on films as I, too, like to look a little deeper than the surface. If you feel like sharing, please feel free but, regardless, I appreciate your visit!

            WTF!? (Watch The Film),

            Saint Pauly


            1. **SPOILERS**SPOILERS**SPOILERS** Hi Pauly. Its not that I dont care to share the teachings of the mysteries, but I do not know what your particular religious beliefs are and it is very easy for me to talk into the wind to people that do not care or are unable to understand. Also, it would take much more study than a few paragraphs to begin to unravel the mysteries. So I will share with you what I see and you can research further if it interests you, and if not, Im sure you are a good person either way. There are many layers to this movie that are more easily deciphered if you know about symbolism, mythology, and theology. Lets look at some of the key symbols of the movie. The name Jose De La Cruz means Joseph of the cross. Joseph is the husband of the virgin Mary, and in the movie we see that Isabel was impregnated by an angel (metaphorically speaking) just as Mary was. She was the virgin mother and throughout the movie you see many instances of the father, mother, and child trinity, which is the trinity. Isabel means “sworn to god” and the movie was originally going to be called daughter of god, and we will begin to see why in a moment. There are either one or two angels here depending on how you interpret it. The male angel is the brightest of all of God’s angels, Lucifer. He himself is white, but he is cloaked in black as his deeds seem to be of darkness, yet he is the teacher. He is represented by Joey and her demon is Isabel’s father. It was through being tested by the fire that Isabel was able to overcome the demon inside of her own mind and fight back against her attacker, which also led her to be able to face her greatest demon in life, which was the fear that she had for her father her entire life. If it were not for her being impregnated in the subway, then she never would have gotten kicked out and had to move back in with her parents and have to face her father. The androgynous looking female angel could either be represented as the female counterpart of Lucifer, or could be interpreted as the androgynous nature of the human that is neither good nor evil, but a balance of both (as angels and gods have male and female aspects). We saw in the movie that Keanu’s character worked with the evil cop Joey, but he was not completely bad himself as we can see him trying to rekindle his relationship with his “Sun” who lives with his sister/female counterpart. All things that you see happening in the movie are in some way reflections of the life of the soul. You see at the end that the androgynous female angel is detective Scott (Keanu’s character) when he finally gets to meet Isabel. Black is a symbol of the darkness/evil as his name would imply and through the movie it shows him killing anyone who gets in the way of his own personal selfish goals. He is the beast and the destroyer. In the subway after Isabel kills her attacker, the angel looks at her kindly and gives her a firm nod of approval after she had passed her greatest test of breaking out of her victim dominated lifestyle. We see her victim side represented as her helpless younger self and much emphasis is placed on the “horse” which is actually a unicorn. After she was attacked, Elisa/Isabel lost her unicorn, and the unicorn is the symbol of purity. The horse, in ancient mythology, is closely associated with the gods, especially the “Sun” of god (there are mountains of research on the symbol of the sun god). Once she overcomes her demon so to speak, her victimized side disappears and thus she has grown and overcome one of the greatest trials of life and becomes more pure and more fit of a soul, and thus can be called a “daughter of god.” You also see the “Illuminati” pyramid and the eye above the stairs of the subway right before Isabel is attacked. This represents the souls descent into the underworld where it faces its greatest trials, as Isabel faced hers. You also see in many plays, books, myths, etc, the symbol of the hero defeating the enemy with a dagger or some variation of the flaming sword of truth (light sabers, fire sword in the last witch hunter, etc, etc). The eye is the symbol of the eye of God that is always watching as we pass through our trials on Earth and are ever becoming more pure and more fit to be suns/sons or daughters of God. The child of Mary and Joseph is none other that Jesus Christ, which is also a symbol of purity and spiritual ascension/ Christ consciousness through defeating our demons and mastering ourselves. The brother’s name is Manuel (meaning god is with us) De La Cruz A.K.A. Rocky which the name Peter means rock. Peter was one of the 12 disciples and the early leader of the Christian church. Rocky also has a tattoo on his neck that is identical to Jose’s dog, and he happens to work in a butcher shop where he processes animal flesh, has a 2 more tattoos on his hands of guns (violence) and money (usury) which are both strongly associated with the early church. There are many more subtle symbols in the movie, but this is a good basic outline of how to approach such a movie that looks nonsensical from the average point of view, which is unfortunately why so many good movies get poor reviews. A deep movie is easily overlooked by a shallow audience. Hopefully this helps your future movie watching (and life) experience in some way. And if not, then thats fine too.


              1. Wow! I’m gobsmacked. What an incredibly detailed and insightful analysis of the film. As someone who was raised in the Catholic church, I am, of course, aware of much of the symbolism you describe here, but I didn’t take it nearly as far as you did. The names, for example. I didn’t pay attention to the names, just basically considered them disposable identifiers. Of course, your analysis goes much deeper than that, with Manuel’s job, for instance. I can’t thank you enough for this rich and in-depth essay, and shall bear it in mind when I approach future reviews, though I can’t promise Neighbors 2 will be as intellectually stimulating.

                I can’t thank you enough for the time, energy and thought that went into this comment! I do hope you’ll return often and share your thoughts with us on future films.

                WTF!? Joe (Watch The Film),

                Saint Pauly


                1. I’m glad you appreciated it. Usually in movies like Neighbors 2 you will find culture creation techniques that help set public opinion, but there are always interesting things to be found if you know how to look, like the sorority system being an elementary school version of the brotherhoods that are all centered around ancient mysteries. That is why the sororites name themselves using the Greek alphabet, which were one of the strongest cultures for brotherhoods, secret societies, and mystery religions since the ancient Egyptians (which is where they inhereted it from). Either way, I hope you find intetesting things and good luck in your movie watching adventures!


    1. Hallo Adam!

      Thank you for sending the question. I thought I’d mentioned the albino in my post but see I was neglect in that respect, so please accept my apologies. I emailed with a bloke named Mark Downie (one of the film’s producers), and discussed the symbolism of the film with him. This is, verbatim, what he wrote:

      (As seen through the eyes of Isabel) The Albino Woman and the Albino man from the beginning. They were Angels. The Albino man was sent to show her something beautiful, as a sign.

      The symbolisms: Albino = pure; Black suit = official business; briefcase = he had something official to conceal (at the restaurant, the red dress albino woman will tell her official business)

      Albino Woman: white dress/no mouth (both times there is no mouth) = Isabel’s innocence. No mouth = victims don’t speak.

      Red dress is the first time with a mouth. Red dress = strength, leadership, courage, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, a dangerous military assignment (watch her face when she accepts her orders from the Angel. She feels validated and special)

      Black dress = death, finality,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      BTW, what did you think of the film?

      WTF!? Adam (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  4. I loved this movie. I admit I am a sucker for cop/detective movies. The way it was written and directed got me. You are watching two stories intertwine but you don’t know why or how. I admit I was confused then when the hook shows up, bam you get it and it all falls into place. Extremely well written.Thanks for review.


    1. Hallo, Keanu!

      So glad you enjoyed the film and thank you for not unleashing a plethora of insults over the criticism I heaped on Keanu Reeves!

      I agree, though, the film is well-written and the story is fascinating!

      Thank you for your visit and your comment!

      WTF!? Keanu (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  5. After reading your review on the film, I learned that I really loved the films concept or should I say “attempted” concept. If only the film, executed the concepts, symbols, and themes in a smooth, intriguing, less confusing-like style. The movie was all over the place, so confusing to the point where I googled: “I don’t understand the film ‘Exposed’”. #sad :((((( The movie concept could of hit a score of 8/10 for me, but they completely failed. So 2-3/10 for me.


    1. Hallo Bethlehem!

      I totally agree with you! The idea behind the film was quite intriguing, though the execution left a little to be desired, especially after the studio re-cut the film to make it more mainstream. Spot on analysis!

      WTF Bethlehem!? (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  6. Usually you will find that movies with a deeper meaning will purposefully hide that meaning so that only a few are able to get a good sense of what the director is trying to say. I have found most box office movies full of spiritual undertones or deep philosophical and psychological concepts, though for the average viewer, they do not see any deeper than the physical actions of the characters, and for movies with such hidden meanings it is easy to see how they get rated very poorly i.e. “Eyes Wide Shut.”


    1. Hallo Joe!

      I tend to agree with this comment (for example, I loathed Under the Skin, while many of my peers embraced it), though I do like films that make me work if I’m rewarded for my effort (see The Zero Theorem). What I didn’t like about Exposed, was that I understood the film after it made me work, yet still didn’t think it was worth the effort. I am, however, glad that you found it enjoyable!

      WTF Joe!? (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


  7. This review was just as bad as the movie. Very poorly written with too much “attitude.” I thought the story of the movie was great, but difficult to follow from the beginning due to how it was edited and presented. Why lose the audience’s interest before the end unravels


  8. OMG, thank you, thank you for explaining this movie. I think there’s something wrong with me, because I truly was confused till the end. I’m definitely checking this site out in the future.


  9. I enjoyed your review. Yer funny. The film, not so much. I only continued to watch because the main chick was lovely and I wanted to know about the Unicorn and the Albinos.


  10. The version on Netflix has a different rap song at 0:19:40. Lyrics sound something like “cash for the one man posse.” Wondering if you know what the title of that song is?


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