WTF: Empire of the Sharks (2017)

Empire of the Sharks 26 123WTF Saint Pauly

Empire of the Sharks 01 poster 123WTF Saint Pauly

Spoiler Alert:

I shall be exploring Empire of the Sharks, discovering its points of interest and questioning its subjects to rule if it should be built up or demolished. So read on only if you’ve already seen Empire of the Sharks, or don’t plan to.


Empire of the Sharks 38 123WTF Saint Pauly
The African Queen (and some white girl)

0:00:32 On a sparse set that looks like a reject of Waterworld (Watercloset?) a woman rations out potable water to a young white male (Jack Amstrong as Timor), but runs out before she can serve a black woman and a Hispanic child. White Privilege: this film may be set in the future, but not that far into the future.

0:02:01 A bad tax collector comes to the Watercloset in a boat that resembles a scaled down version of a Fury Road vehicle. He’s probably called Miffed Max.

Empire of the Sharks 02 SC Skin and Bones 123WTF Saint Pauly
Skin and Bones (guess which is which)

0:03:01 The head of the collection team (Jonathan Pienaar as Mason Scrim) tells the leader of the Watercloset that they have to double their tribute to Ian Fien if they want to continue receiving their fresh water supply.  Yet Timor has been talking about making his own water, and I don’t think he means in the “Where’s the loo?” sense.

0:03:51 Scrim tells his crew to kidnap 6 women, one of whom rebels (Ashley de Lange as Willow) by grabbing a knife, until White Privilege restrains her.

Timor: You want to honour your father? Stay alive.
Blonde: Well, what about you?
Timor: I never had a father.

See, this concept sounds far more interesting than the one we’re watching.

Empire of the Sharks 31 123WTF Saint Pauly
“Sir, The Mummy auditions are one lot over.”

0:05:44 To punish the protesting leader of  Watercloset (Tshamano Sebe as Tustin Worth), Scrim attaches him to the prow of the boat and tosses a plastic container filled with electronics into the ocean. When this device is activated, it calls all the nearby sharks who’ve been fitted with some sort of electronic receptor. In short, he gives the sharks the green light.

Empire of the Sharks 03 SC That shark is lit 123WTF Saint Pauly
That shark is lit


Empire of the Sharks 04 GIF Has he lost his mind 123WTF Saint Pauly
He lost his mind

0:10:44 The hostages are taken to a neighbouring, only slightly larger community, that’s just as washed up.

Empire of the Sharks 05 SC Water you looking at 123WTF Saint Pauly
Water you looking at?

0:12:54 Meanwhile, White Privilege and Black Power (Thandi Sebe as Sion) take a submersible to rescue their people. But a mouthful of RC sharks are unleashed like the dog this film is.

Empire of the Sharks 06 GIF Shut your trap 123WTF Saint Pauly
Shut your trap

0:13:39 Lol, the sharks attack the submersible by rubbing against it rather than biting it.

Empire of the Sharks 07 Collage Facing your fears 123WTF Saint Pauly
Facing your fears

0:14:15 My favourite part is when the sharks roar.  

0:15:52 The submersible is leaking from where the sharks rubbed against it, so the fearless crew cannot stay in the depths. Which is understandable as there’s absolutely nothing deep about this film.

Empire of the Sharks 08 SC I've got to go 123WTF Saint Pauly
“I’ve got to go!”

0:16:25 Meanwhile, in bad guy land, slaves are forced to manually crank a wind turbine!? WTF!? Don’t they know a wind turbine is meant to be doing the cranking?

0:17:17 John Savage (!?) as Ian Fien (like ‘I Am Fine’, but not really because he’s in this movie)! Wow, how the mighty have fallen like my standards.

Empire of the Sharks 10 SC He can't see himself in this film 123WTF Saint Pauly
John Savage can’t see himself in this film


Empire of the Sharks 11 SC Water Closet 123WTF Saint Pauly
Water Closet

0:25:51 In a wet bar, Timor and Sion meet a woman (Leandie du Randt as Nimue). She earns her keep by holding her breath in a bucket of water longer than anyone else. Timor is s definitely probably not thinking of other possibilities for that when he says this could come in handy when they break into the fortress where his people are kept hostage.

Empire of the Sharks 09 SC Water Park-insons 123WTF Saint Pauly
Water Park-inson’s

0:27:28 Timor approaches a bloke (Tauriq Jenkins as Edgar) who can miniaturise electronics to find the pea in a shell game, only to give his paltry winnings to other people queuing to lose money in the very same shell game.

0:29:32 Timor and Sion present their plan to Breathless (Nimue) and Mini Man (Edgar) and some chap they just found loitering on set. Mini Man will use his tech to ping the fortress so they know where the hostages and henchmen are located. Toby (Tapiwa Musvosvi), in his deep sea salvage suit (which, because this is the first time he’s on-screen, is literally a sight unscene) will blow open an entrance into the fortress. Big Breathless will hold her breath and lure the sharks away. Who needs success when you have a plan like this?

Empire of the Sharks 12 123WTF Saint Pauly
“We’re all in the same boat.”

0:35:28 I just woke up from a nap during which the motley crew found a boat (which also includes parts for the water purifier) they’ll steal from the bad guys to attack the fortress. The boat, however, is so ugly that it’s not see-worthy.


Timor: Mr Scrim, sir. I didn’t know the cargo was removed. It was not my intention. This is some kind of FUBAR SNAFU.


0:37:59 The demolition ‘expert’ decided to blow up a boat full of the kidnappers, so now the kidnappers he didn’t blow up are angry. The only thing the expert totally blew up was the plan in his face.

Empire of the Sharks 13 GIF This film isn't the only thing that's a bomb 123WTF Saint Pauly
This film isn’t the only thing that’s a bomb


Empire of the Sharks 14 SC Scarred for life 123WTF Saint Pauly
Scarred for life

0:39:22 Lol, the evil doers call hundreds of sharks to attack one skinny slapper tied to some pneumatic tubes. I feel bad for the sharks, tbh, because that bird has less meat and more bones than a chicken wing.

Empire of the Sharks 15 SC Looks like the sharks get chicken breasts tonight 123WTF Saint Pauly
Looks like the sharks get chicken breasts tonight

0:39:28 To make this scene even funnier, the woman is being recorded and her screams are being live streamed on scream radio and no one turns it off. Apparently, they’re more turned on than the microphone.

0:40:23 Now an old Asian man is attached to the tubes, but the system to control the sharks with the magic gloves doesn’t seem to be working. And you know sharks, they only attack humans when electronic impulses force them to.

Empire of the Sharks 32 123WTF Saint Pauly
The look like croutons

0:40:52 Ian replaces the old bloke on the tubes with young blonde Willow. Evidently, if the magic gloves didn’t work before, it must be because sharks are like heterosexual men in a strip club. WTF!?

Empire of the Sharks 16 SC I'm afraif, I'm afraid the special effects suck 123WTF Saint Pauly
Yes, I’m afraid! Afraid the special effects are naff!

0:41:42 WTF!? The sharks didn’t attack the Asian man, but the bad guys are surprised by the lack of action only when the beasts don’t attack the blonde girl.


Ian (to his entourage): Take her away!
Willow: No!

WTF!? Does this mean she wants him to continue torturing her?

0:45:22 The plan of returning the equipment is back on, but now, for some reason, is considered as failure. So the hardened woman who refused to join the team before (Camilla Waldman as Captain Ann Aldrin), decides to join because what was a plan is now a mistake.

Empire of the Sharks 18 123WTF Saint Pauly
Tuff like puppy luv / the skin of a burnt marshmallow / a day without My Little Pony

The motley crude as they now stand:

  • Timor: A human Disney cartoon who can’t act.
  • Sion (Timor’s #2, not in the biological waste sense): A beautiful, strong black woman whose main conflict is that she’s trapped in this film.
  • Nimue: A blonde diving specialist who has to concentrate to blink. Don’t hold your breath.
  • Edgar: Technology expert from India, which is either a stereotype or redundant.
  • Toby: Demolitions ‘expert’ with a short fuse who couldn’t even blow his nose.
  • Captain Ann Aldrin: Badass who’s not as bad as she thinks is, unless we’re talking about her acting.

0:49:05 Iam Fine (Ian Fein) tells Willow that, at the last swath of earth before the water took over the entire planet, there was a man in the water who could control the sharks. He believes Willow can do the same with her amulet. Judging by how ugly it is, it’ll keep away more than just the sharks.

Empire of the Sharks 17 SC This end up 123WTF Saint Pauly
This End Up

0:51:09 WTF!? Rather than simply taking off the pendant, they once again strap Weeping Willow to more inner-tubes to threaten her with another shark. Jesus, it’s not just the shark who’s going in circles.

0:56:08 Fein confiscates the amulet when the brain scan is unable to determine how Willow controls the sharks. She didn’t put up a fight — it is rather ugly, after all.


Empire of the Sharks 19 SC A real brown noser 123WTF Saint Pauly
A real brown-noser

0:58:08 WTF!? Ian decides to attack the boat which is returning the property he insisted they bring him. The material will be as difficult to recover as John Savage’s career after this film.

1:02:08 Wow, O.K. The shark was headed for Timor, who’d fallen in the water, but then opted to attack the black man still on the boat. Proof that racists are cold blooded predators, and so are the producers of this movie.


Empire of the Sharks 20 SC Kamikaze Shark 123WTF Saint Pauly
“Kamikaze Shark”, because if you looked like this, you’d kill yourself, too


Empire of the Sharks 21 SC This film stinks 123WTF Saint Pauly
This film is so bad it even stinks underwater

1:06:08 Her nose plugging helped her ‘hold’ her breath for a ridiculously long time. Eventually, she fell prey to the sharks she lured away from Timor, so he could infiltrate the enemy Water Park-inson’s. In this film, it’s not just the blondes who are dumb.

1:09:16 WTF!? Why was Captain Anne even in this story? She drove a boat anyone could’ve driven and then, when the kamikaze shark approached, she violently grabbed the harpoon gun and aggressively missed the beast. The only thing she accomplished was to tell everyone to abandon ship when she failed.

Empire of the Sharks 22 123WTF Saint Pauly
“What makes you think I’ve never fired one of these before?”

1:09:32 After abandoning ship, Edgar is killed when a shark fin runs into him in a clear cut case of hit and swim. (Btw, there is no blood when anyone is victim to a shark attack in this film. WTF!?)

1:11:18 Willow controls the sharks remotely by placing her hand in the water through the bars of her cage. Too bad she didn’t do this earlier, whilst the men on her team were being killed. It would seem Willow isn’t as flexible as her name would lead us to believe.

Empire of the Sharks 33 123WTF Saint Pauly
Giving him the warm shoulder

1:12:14 Captain Ann and Sion swim directly into captivity because they’re as fed up with this film as we are. They’re strapped to inner-tubes and Willow is hooked up to a machine so Ian can read her mind while she controls the sharks into not eating her friends. But the joke’s on him, Willow doesn’t have a mind!

Empire of the Sharks 23 123WTF Saint Pauly
“Harder! At least we’ll die happy!”


Empire of the Sharks 24 Yes, she minds 123WTF Saint Pauly
Yes, she minds

1:13:57 Willow controls the sharks into eating the enemy on the docks. Then, in a huge slice of WTF, Ian somehow uses the machine that was reading her brainwaves to make her fall asleep. He should’ve used a “Crooked Mother Moon Peach & Pomegranate” like the rest of the lads in the UK.

Empire of the Sharks 25 GIF Eating on the fly 123WTF Saint Pauly
Eating on the fly

1:16:44 Willow is thrown into the ocean, where Timor rescues her after freeing the slaves turning the wind turbine. He then confronts Scrim in a fight sequence as terrible as it looks, before Willow awakens and bids a shark to attack him. The shark is apparently fond of junk food.

1:18:52 Timor and Willow must recover the equipment for the desalination machine, but on the way, Timor has his arse kicked by a thug who is eaten by a shark off the dock like everyone else in this film. Still, Timor being beaten up was the most realistic thing in this movie.

Empire of the Sharks 26 123WTF Saint Pauly
The critics after watching this film

1:19:18 After Ian breaks Willow’s necklace.

Timor: The power resides within you. The amulet resonated with your power, it was never the source! You. Are. A. Shark Caller!

😂😂😂 That line is dead.

Empire of the Sharks 34 123WTF Saint Pauly
My dad died and all he gave me was a fidget spinner

1:21:07 Willow uses her shark magic to make the beasts turn tail.

1:21:34 Willow is able to turn off the electronic sensors on the sharks and force them to jump Ian.

Fly Fishing


Empire of the Sharks 28 GIF Giving the sharks a hand 123WTF Saint Pauly
Giving the sharks a hand


Empire of the Sharks 29 SC Standing on Ceremony 123WTF Saint Pauly
Standing on Ceremony

Roll credits

Tally Ho’

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  • Where’s This Found: You know me by now, and are well aware I’m a great fan of Mockbusters, so you won’t be surprised to learn I’ve attributed 7 F’s to Empire of the Sharks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is high quality film making, but it does achieve exactly what it sets out to achieve which is nothing more than putting images in front of your eyes for 90 minutes.  It’s so terrible that it’s enjoyable and it’s so generous that it doesn’t care if you laugh with it or at it. Out of a possible 10, I have 7 F’s to give

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Empire of the Sharks 36 123WTF Saint Pauly
YFW you wonder what farts look like on cold days


Empire of the Sharks 37 123WTF Saint Pauly
“Well, this hat doesn’t suit me at all!”


Empire of the Sharks 39 123WTF Saint Pauly
In training at Pizza Hut


Empire of the Sharks 40 123WTF Saint Pauly
The Three Stooge: Scary, Hoe and Burly

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Empire of the Sharks 42 Meme Pass more than a test 123WTF Saint Pauly

Empire of the Sharks 43 Meme Giving him the warm shoulder 123WTF Saint Pauly

Empire of the Sharks 44 Meme Croutons 123WTF Saint Pauly

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