132 days in a row…

132 days in a row at the cinema! Today I saw Maze Runner: Death Cure.

Name a good threquel, go ahead, I’ll wait.

When I arrived in the cinema to see Maze Runner: Death Cure I saw a father with his teenaged daughter and a gaggle of her friends filling the center of a row. He beamed, so proud to bring his daughter and her ‘skwad’ to the movies and they were so excited to be there. Then, as the disaster unfolded before me (the silly script, the lazy special effects, the ocean of cliches, and the dependence on deus ex machina for every cliff hanger) I kept thinking back to the father and how he would take the girls’ disappointment personally and would stay awake late tonight fretting about how his daughter’s ruined slumber party wasn’t his fault. The real tragedy is that, after two bearable films (honestly, they were better than Hunger Games or the Divergence trilogies), we were betrayed by this lifeless mess. Leaving the cinema tonight, we were all that despondent dad.

Also, here’s my assumption of how the naming of the conglomerate WCKD went:

– Ok, so we’re down to three names for our multinational business.

– What are they?


– Hmm, better go with WCKD, it’ll hide our sinister intentions better.


Out of a possible 10, I have 3 Fs to give.

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