135 days in a row…

135 days in a row at the cinema! Today I saw biopic England is Mine.

This is a movie about Steven Patrick Morrissey (who would later become Morrissey, frontman to the seminal 80s art pop band The Smiths) not singing.

While the film details the lad’s pre-fame roots as a giant stereotype filled with neuroses and ego, England is Mine doesn’t feel like Morrissey’s story. It feels like someone else telling us Morrissey’s story–and not doing a good of it, at that. The re-creation of Manchester in the late 70s / early 80s looks as superficial as the costuming and hair design, and the character’s pouty hubris is more grating than fingernails on a cheese grater.

Do we really need a cliche ridden biopic to learn that young Morrissey was an average moody teenaged pretentious twat with a hatred of people, dislike for work and a love of himself? Or is that something we had already suspected before-hand…

Out of a possible 10, I have 4 Fs to give.

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