136 days in a row…

136 days in a row at the cinema! Today I saw Belgian documentary So Help Me God.

The poster for So Help Me God (Ni juge, ni soumise in the original French) comes with the tagline, “It’s not cinema, it’s worse!” This line references the idea that the documentary about an older, politically incorrect judge in Belgium is not real cinema but rather an intimate look at this one woman for a brief period of time.

You won’t learn anything about anything, but you will laugh and cringe at the same moment. You will also be shocked by photos of murdered women, terrorists brandishing their victims’ heads, and a body disinterred for a case, but you will be more shocked by the judge’s comments and even more by her judgements. This film is far too off-beat to categorise, other than to say “See it”.

Out of a possible 10, I have 7 Fs to give.

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