140 days in a row…

140 days in a row at the cinema! Today I saw Phantom Thread.

Phantom Thread is an exquisite jazz soliloquy that you adore not for what’s in it, but for how it makes you feel. It is a masterly crafted suit that makes you feel like a better person the moment it envelopes you.

The writing is seamless, the cinematography stylish and the soundtrack, my god, Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack is tailor,made to this film. The music in Phantom Thread has a more important role and performs it better than most human actors in lesser films. Speaking of performances, Daniel Day Lewis’s swan song appearance is a high note in his career and, while not particularly a stretch for him, it’s certainly as elegant and captivating as a Christian Dior corset.

The only flaw in this latest piece in the string of Anderson’s successes is the length, for like an imperfectly cut wedding dress, Phantom Thread drags a little towards the end, though not enough to tear us away from its elegance.

Out of a possible 10, I have 7 Fs to give.


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