154 days in a row…

154 days in a row at the cinema! Today I saw The Hurricane Heist.

Remember when you watched 2012, San Andreas, Geostorm, The Day After Tomorrow and you wished there had been more action? Well, Hurricane Heist is the first disaster film where you’ll wish there was less because what they have here is so cringe-worthy it feels like watching your parents have sex: yes, it’s action but my lord, no one should have to witness something that awful.

The CGI is from the 1970s, before it existed, with rain that looks hand-drawn and special effects made with a Snapchat filter. There is enough WTF in this film to sink a small island and the only thing more predictable than the story is how much you’re gong to hate this film should you see it.

Hurricane Heist is nothing more than a storm in a teacup. Watch Twister again, instead.

Out of a possible 10, I have 3 Fs to give.

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