160 days in a row…

160 days in a row at the cinema! Today I saw French drama Eva.

Eva is like Frankenstein’s monster because this film seems pieced together with bits and bobs from other, better movies and spliced together into this ridiculous jumble that contains neither brains nor heart. Like Frankenstein’s classic monster, this monstrous film means well but needs kept away from people and put out of its misery by being killed with fire.

Plots are started and then abandoned for new plots that are abandoned in their turn until we reach the end with nothing to show for it. Characters walk into the story, wander about aimlessly for a bit, bump into a main character and then magically disappear to a place better than this movie (which means just about anywhere).

This uninspired outing by French director BenoĆ®t Jacquot gives Isabelle Huppert a role so bland it looks like English food, and is just as tasteless. Trust me, you can do far better than Eva (Elle, for example); Eva doesn’t deserve you.

Out of a possible 10, I have 3 Fs to give.

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