WTF: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 10 cinematography K has roots Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

Blade Runner 2049 01 poster Watch The Film 123WTF saint Pauly

Spoiler Alert:

I shall be disassembling Blade Runner 2049, putting it through its motions and examining each part to test if it’s powerful or a just a bot. So read on only if you’ve already seen Blade Runner 2049, or don’t plan to.

Watch BLADE RUNNER 2049 here

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Night falls so hard it’ll break at dawn

Full disclosure: This was my favourite film of 2017, so if you’re here to read me to dismantle it, you should read this instead.

0:01:38 A card explains that Tyrell Corp built “bioengineered humans” (replicants) to work off-world as slaves, but they rebelled. Then a bloke named Niander Wallace got rich through synthetic farming after the collapse of the ecosystem and bought the remains of Tyrell Corp. But there are still many old Nexus 8 replicants, and Blade Runners have to hunt them down because suddenly in the future they stop making things that break down every 5 years.


Blade Runner 2049 02 SC The eyes have it Watch The Film 123WTF saint Pauly
The eyes have it

[N.B. This opening shot is symbolic because replicants can be identified through their eyes, either through or a stamp on the eyeball (see 8:46) or a test to track eye movement (see 13:48).]


Blade Runner 2049 03 SC If you don't know what it is, call it art Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
If you don’t know what it is, call it art


Blade Runner 2049 04 SC Droning On Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Droning on

[N.B. The structure figured in the above scene is, in reality, the Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant in Spain.]

Blade Runner 2049 70 Solar farm Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
A true silicon valley

0:03:12 On the planet’s surface, a figure clad in a heavy suit sifts through his larva crop and notices an incoming space vehicle. Future travel is up in the air.

Blade Runner 2049 05 SC A true silicon valley Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
This farm bugs him

[N.B. In the future, our food proteins will come from larva and insects as they are significantly cheaper and more plentiful than cows. In this future, the farm is a Wallace design.]


Blade Runner 2049 72 SC Easter Egg Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Not greenhouses, White Houses

[🐣 The word on the greenhouses is “Tselina”, Russian for “virgin lands”. It refers to Khrushchev’s “Virgin Lands” campaign (Osvoyeniye Tselina), in which Soviet citizens were moved to sparely populated areas to start farms and grow food.]

0:04:31 From that vehicle steps K, a Blade Runner portrayed by Ryan Gosling (you know, from the ‘Hey Girl’ memes). He investigates the farmer’s shack, where no one is around but water is boiling on the stove. Looks like things are heating up, and Ryan Gosling is only part of the reason.

Blade Runner 2049 07 meme Hey Girl you're my repli-can Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

0:06:58 K, obviously a Blade Runner, and Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista who’s taking a break from guarding the galaxy), obviously an old replicant, have a discussion as loaded as K’s hidden weapon.

[N.B. Sapper says he’s been farming there since 2020, which, according to the year posted in the card at the intro to the film, was about the time the ecosystem collapsed and Wallace saved the world from famine.]

0:07:14 K notices Sapper’s medical bag is military issue.

K: Where were you, Calantha?

Sapper has a lot of issues from the military, not just his bag.

0:08:04 While feigning compliance, Sapper palms a blade and waits for K to tell him to “look up and to the left” as he powers up a device. When K approaches him, a fight ensues. Apparently Sapper doesn’t like the way he looks.

[N.B. Here K is preparing to scan Sapper’s eye to verify a number encoded there, which will confirm Sapper is a Nexus 8 (note the ‘NX-8’. prefix on the eyeball). This procedure is also a reference to the intro shot of K’s eye, which demonstrates K is not a Nexus 8 replicant. The device used to scan the eye is s portable version of the Voight-Kampff machine used in the original Blade Runner, originally used on a desktop.]


Blade Runner 2049 08 SC Things are looking up Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Thing is looking up


Sapper: How does it feel killing your own kind?
K: I don’t retire my own kind because we don’t run. Only older models do.

Wait, don’t all machines run if they’re turned on?

[N.B. Here we learn K is not a simple Blade Runner, but a replicant Blade Runner. And we will also learn he’s a liar when he says newer models don’t run.]


Sapper: You new models are happy scraping shit…because you’ve never seen a miracle.

Then K shoots Sapper because the latter refuses to stop attacking. It’s like artificial intelligence that stops at artificial.

[N.B. This miracle will become the major plot point of the film as the movie progresses.]

0:10:07 K keeps Sapper’s eye as proof of kill and then samples the garlic stew on the stove because he’s hungry for the spice ever since Sapper mentioned it at 6:35. At the time, K said he didn’t want to try the stew because “I prefer to keep an empty stomach until the hard part of the day is done.” Sapper was the hard part, but now he’s just hard of living.

Blade Runner 2049 09 SC K has a good eye Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
K has a good eye


Blade Runner 2049 74 SC Easter Egg Sarah Gordon Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

[🐣One of the rebels whose photo pops up when K scans the eye is actress Sarah Gordon, with whom the director Denis Villeneuve worked on Enemy.]

0:11:27 K finds a little yellow flower on the ground at the base of a tree. When he instructs his drone to scan the ground beneath the tree, he finds a buried chest, like pirate technology.

Blade Runner 2049 10 cinematography K has roots Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
K has roots


Blade Runner 2049 11 SC For LAPDancing Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Does it stand for LAP Dance?

Back at police headquarters, after his traumatic fight with Sapper, Officer K has to check his baseline (verify he’s still operating correctly). He does this by reciting lines Stephen Hawking said when he was off his meds.

And blood-black nothingness began to spin. A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within one stem.

[N.B. Actually, some of the the lines come from Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Pale Fire, a work of metafiction about a poem and its readers, though the baseline text was purportedly edited by Gosling himself. During the baseline exam, the replicant must repeat key words (‘cell’, ‘interlinked’) as quickly as possible, ignoring any emotional response. The faster the replicant repeats the key word, the healthier it is. Click here for the version of the baseline used in the film and the entire, original text.]


Fuck off, skin job!

Patrol Officer to K

I’ve never had a skin job, but I’ll try anything once.

[N.B. The insult is a reference to the human-looking skin K wears as a replicant.]


Blade Runner 2049 12 SC A study in tests Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
A study in tests

And dreadfully distinct against the dark, a tall white fountain played.

Not nonsense, but Nabokov poetry. Or is it the same thing?


Blade Runner 2049 13 SC Doesn't look testy Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Doesn’t look testy


Blade Runner 2049 14 SC Someone doesn't like Bart's principal Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
That time Bart Simpson visited Blade Runner land

0:16:42 K returns to his flat. As he repairs his knife wound with super glue, we hear a woman off-screen ask him about his ‘meeting’.

K: How was your day?
Joi: I’m getting cabin fever.

That can’t be healed with super glue.

[N.B. But it can be healed with an emanator, making her statement a bit of foreshadowing.]

0:17:17 The voice says she’s preparing a new recipe and asks K to pour her a drink. Yet he makes the food himself and, while he does pour two drinks, he drinks both of them himself. Someone needs to tell him this still counts as drinking alone. 😳

[🎵 The song you’re hearing in the background is Summer Wind, by Frank Sinatra. The soundtrack to the film is at the bottom of this synopsis.]

0:17:31 The female voice rattles of arcane knowledge about the song (which has been playing since he arrived home, glued his wound, took a shower, prepared dinner, had a couple of drinks…WTF!?), demonstrating her encyclopedic knowledge. She’s like a computer with no drive.

0:17:58 The woman’s voice materialises beneath an electronic arm affixed to the ceiling. Joi (Ana de Armas), dressed as a 1950s American housewife, literally appears out of nowhere.

Blade Runner 2049 15 GIF She just shows up Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

0:18:04 Joi places a virtual meal over the real grub K prepared. Her cooking is extremely light.

Blade Runner 2049 16 SC No calories virtually Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
No calories virtually

0:18:19 Much is made of Joi’s see-through nature, to remind the viewer she is a virtual woman, like Siri-ous. Or Alextra. Google Homewife. 

Blade Runner 2049 17 SC How hot is Joi Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
How hot is Joi

0:18:46 Note that the book Joi asks K to read to her (and which he reminds her she hates) is the very same book from which is taken the text for the baseline exam (see 13:48).

Blade Runner 2049 18 SC Book her Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Book her

0:18:51 Joi is so changeable

Blade Runner 2049 19 GIF She's constantly changing Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
She’s constantly changing

[🐣EXCLUSIVE: The single frame in the above GIF is clearly a reference to the virtual woman in the red dress from The Matrix.]

0:19:32 K buys an emanator for Joi, which is a portable device allowing her to wander beyond the space limitations of the ceiling arm. Talk about women’s liberation!

Blade Runner 2049 20 SC 'Hook me up' Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
“Hook me up!”

[🎵 The boot music for the Wallace — the universal conglomerate (see 1:38) — device is ‘Peter and the Wolf March, Op.99’ by Sergei Prokofiev. It’s not on the official soundtrack but it is on my version at the end of the synopsis. I’ve got your Bach.]

0:21:54 With her newfound freedom, Joi wants to go out in the rain. This is still Blade Runner, after all.

Blade Runner 2049 21 Cinematography I can see right through her Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
I can see right through her

[N.B. Note the logo on the forehead of the figure in video sign to the right of the picture. It’s the symbol of Wallace Enterprises and is omnipresent throughout the film.]

0:23:02 Just when they begin making out, Joi suddenly freezes up. We’ve all been there before.

Blade Runner 2049 22 SC Freeze Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

[N.B. In fact, it’s his boss informing him there are new leads on the box they’ve disinterred and she needs him to go to the station.]

0:26:36 At the police lab, we learn that the box discovered at Sapper Morton’s contained the bones of a woman who died during an emergency c-section 30 years ago. K, using his replicant gifts, notices that there are numbers imprinted in her bones, meaning that she’s a replicant who’s given birth. This is impossible because the only way replicants can reproduce is with a photocopier.

Blade Runner 2049 23 SC She feels it in her bones Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
She feels it in her bones


Lieutenant Joshi aka Madam (Robin Wright): The world is built on a wall. It separates kind. Tell either side there’s no wall, you bought a war. Or a slaughter.

She then instructs K to ‘erase’ the child to maintain order. He’s uncomfortable doing this because children have a soul. He hasn’t met some of the ones I have.

[🐣 EXCLUSIVE‘Joshi’ means ‘girl / woman’ or ‘distributor of status’ in Japanese.]

0:29:41 K flies to Wallace Corp to research the serial number etched onto the disinterred female replicant. In other words, he’s got a bone to pick with them.

Blade Runner 2049 25 cinematography bad reception Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Good reception

0:31:01 The receptionist (Tómas Lemarquis as File Clerk), showing K to the replicant file associated with the hair sample K brought, tells the story of the ‘blackout’.

I was home with my folks, then 10 days of darkness. Every machine stopped cold. When the lights came back, we were wiped clean. Photos, files, every bit of data, gone. Bank records, too.

Some replicants have all the luck.

[N.B. You’re not going to believe me–and I don’t blame you–but I actually interviewed Tómas Lemarquis the File Clerk for 123WTF! Click here to read WTF he said.]

Blade Runner 2049 26 cinematography The 'where' house Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
The ‘where’ house

0:32:18 Another replicant arrives to relieve the receptionist. She’s Mr Wallace’s assistant and is called Luv (Sylvia Hoeks), even at first sight.


Blade Runner 2049 27 cinematography Exhibitionists Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

[Exclusive Easter Egg 🐣:  screenshot At 32:58, K notices one of the models on display is the Dave Bautista special.]

Blade Runner 2049 28 collage Haven't I killed you somewhere before Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Haven’t I killed you somewhere before?

0:33:08 K’s replicant wand (not a euphemism) goes off (ditto). Luv recognises the ‘Peter and the Wolf’ tone and remarks that K is a customer. When she asks of K is satisfied, he says,

She’s very realistic. Thank you.

‘Realistic’ is my favourite thing about a partner.

0:34:18 Luv places a large marble with a milky centre in a machine that analyses it. It’s a container for copies of the replicant’s memory, so it looks as though she’s lost her bearing.

[N.B. The recording is of an interview where a blade runner is testing a possible replicant. The interviewer is identified as Officer Deckard, meaning the replicant is certainly Rachael, the replicant Deckard was charged with investing in the original Blade Runner. Thus proving that the replicant which / who gave birth and died at Sapper Morton’s farm was Rachael.]

0:36:55 K goes to speak to Eduardo Gaff, Deckard’s partner from Blade Runner. Gaff states that Deckard has certainly retired, and then presents K with an origami sheep, perfect for counting when this film gets too slow. 🐑

[N.B. Origami was an important device used in the first Blade Runner. In this scene, the origami sheep references the title of the book on which Blade Runner was based, entitled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In the original novel, Deckard’s dream is to replace his electric sheep with a real one…when he retires. So, Gaff is illustrating to K that Deckard has retired. An alternate theory is that, as ‘rachel’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘ewe’ or ‘female sheep’, so the origami figure here means Deckard left to be with Rachael.]

Blade Runner 2049 29 SC Sheepishly Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly


Gaff: He [Deckard] wasn’t long for this world.
K: How so?

Blade Runner 2049 73 SC Easter Egg Eyes Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

[ 🐣 This gives credence to the theory that Deckard was a replicant, as replicants can be exposed by their eyes (see note at 1:54).]


Blade Runner 2049 30 cinematography Waves goodbye Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Waves goodbye


Blade Runner 2049 31 cinematography The outline of the film Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
The outline of the film

0:38:06 Luv goes to meet Niander Wallace (played dramatically by Jared Leto), founder, president and CEO of Wallace Corporation. He asks her if a child has been born and her silence is loud.

[N.B. He’s asking this because his quest in this film is to build an android that can reproduce, especially after Tyrell Corp has already achieved this with Rachael.]

[🐣 The name ‘Niander’ originates from ‘Homo Neandertalis, a branch of humans that became extinct to Homo Sapiens. This could imply that Wallace is a member of a dying race.]

Blade Runner 2049 32 SC Blew eyes Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Blew Eyes

[🐣 Jared Leto fit himself with opaque lenses that made it impossible for him to see out of in order to better portray the blind character.]

0:38:11 A new model replicant is shat out of a cellophane bowel, much like a pickle in a pouch.

Blade Runner 2049 33 GIF Me coming home from work Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Me coming home from work

0:40:50 Wallace ‘looks’ at the latest model using electric locusts connected to a Bluetooth earpiece stuck into his neck and recites bad poetry about how slow technology moves. It stanza still.

Blade Runner 2049 34 SC The butt of their jokes Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
The butt of their jokes

0:41:57 Wallace stabs the new replicant in the uterus with a scalpel because she’s barren. He states he can’t manufacture replicants fast enough to populate the universe so he wishes he could create some that could replicate and do his job for him.


Wallace: Tyrell’s final trick: Procreation. Perfected, then lost. But there is a child. Bring it to me.

Here Niander references Raechel, the replicant created by the Tyrell Corporation which could have babies. But the formula was lost, so Wallace tells Luv to find the offspring, so he can study that. Luv acquiesces, because Luv is gentle.

0:44:56 In an automated food court, a mysterious figure (Hiam Abbass as Freysa, leader of the Replicant Resistance Movement) instructs a sex replicant (Mackenzie Davis as Mariette) to obtain as much information as possible from K. To squeeze it out of him, basically.

Blade Runner 2049 35 SC Dyeing to meet him Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Dyeing to meet him

0:46:02 When K’s remote wand goes off, Mariette says she understands K isn’t interested in “real girls”. LOL, he’s really not!

Blade Runner 2049 36 Lars & the Real Girl Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

[N.B. This is a reference to the film Lars and the Real Girl, in which Ryan Gosling falls in love with a sex doll.]

0:46:44 Back in Sapper Morton’s house for another look, K notices an unusual piano key, which is a literal key because it hides a metal tin which contains a baby’s bootie and a photograph of a woman holding a baby beside the tree.

Blade Runner 2049 37 SC The key of Gee Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
The Key of Gee!

0:48:42 Back outside, investigating the tree, K finds a date scrawled in the bark (6 10 21), which freaks him out so badly he has a flashback to himself as a wee child holding a toy wooden horse. Could K be Rachael’s baby? We should get it from the horse’s mouth.

Blade Runner 2049 38 SC Oh baby Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Oh baby!


Blade Runner 2049 39 cinematography Intelligent YouTube commenter's reuinion Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Intelligent YouTube commenters’ reunion

0:50:03 Back at police headquarters, Coco (forensic anthropologist played by David Dastmalchian) walks in on Luv stealing Rachael’s bones. He’s angry, but she’s got a bone to pick with him.

Blade Runner 2049 40 SC He's dead wait Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
He’s dead wait


K: I feel a little strange sharing a childhood memory considering I was never a child.

K talking to Joshi in his flat

[N.B. The discussion Joshi has with K about his memories, which he recognises as implants is in direct contrast to the original film, where Rachael didn’t know her memories were implants and suffered once she discovered they were.]

0:52:38 In K’s memory, he’s a child with a wooden horse with an inscription. Boys chase him to steal his toy but he hides it near a furnace before they can find him. They beat him to know where he hid it, but they’re beating a dead horse.

0:55:32 K runs DNA data to look for anomalies in children born 6-10-21. He calls up Joi to help him because with her eyes, she looks better than him.

Blade Runner 2049 41 SC She's really on his mind Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
She’s really on his mind


Joi: A and C and T and G: the alphabet of you. All from four symbols. I’m only two: one and zero.

Blade Runner 2049 42 SC Two heads are the same as one Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Two heads are the same as one

While K goes through the replicant DNA database, Joi explains the difference in their makeup. I assume this means Joi is bi. Bi-nary.

[N.B. Joi tells K that “Four symbols make a man ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘G’ and ‘C’.” She is referring here to the letters that represent the four bases which make up DNA. “A” is Adenine, “T” is thymine, “G” for guanine and “C” for cytosine. When she says, “I am two: 1 and 0,” she is referring to the fact she is digital and therefore made of binary code: 1s and 0s.]

0:56:24 Joi reveals that the date the are investigating — 6.10.21 —  was the same date carved into the bottom of K’s toy horse [see 52:38]. 6.10.21 reminds me of myself: a good date.

0:56:27 Joi insinuates K could be the child born of man and replicant but K hopes not because it would mean blade runners would hunt and kill him. #WhineWithAReplicantChaser

Blade Runner 2049 43 SC Reading letters Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Reading letters

0:58:32 K discovers two orphans with identical DNAs, which is impossible. One is a girl who died of Galatians Syndrome (which, based on the link, I’m guessing refers to some sort of orphanage disease), and the other is a boy who disappeared. Oh, K?

0:59:26 Interesting that ‘waste processing’ extends to San Diego, which is 120 miles / 193 kilometres from modern day Los Angeles. What a waste!


Blade Runner 2049 43 GIF What a dump Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
What a dump!

1:01:40 Flying to the orphanage, a gang of trash people shoot his car with a lightning rod which attracts lightning which puts his car out of commission. He crash lands in the garbage like Nicolas Cage’s career.


Blade Runner 2049 44 GIF Like a Nazi collaborator, she's on the Fritz Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Like a Nazi collaborator, she’s on the Fritz

1:03:36 Surrounded by Trash Hunters, K seems outnumbered until Luv bombs his enemies from her seat in Wallace Corp. Luv is kind.


Blade Runner 2049 45 GIF My boss when I talk about my weekend Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
My boss when I begin talking about my weekend


Blade Runner 2049 46 SC Build the Wall-E Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Ryan Golsing as Wall-E

1:08:44 K meets the hobo (Lennie James as Mr Cotton) running the Morrill Cole orphanage where the two orphans were born. While walking to get the files, K realises it’s the orphanage from his memory bank and begins to feel an overdraft.

1:10:16 It would seem that chapter of history in Mr. Cotton’s book has been torn out.

1:14:12 A horse ashtray on Mr. Cotton’s desk reminds K to investigate his planted memory. He goes to the cubby hole where he remembers placing the small wooden horse and discovers the memory is true. He really did hide a horse statuette with the numbers 6.10.21 carved in the bottom. Does this mean he’s the offspring of a replicant and a human? Or does it mean his memory bytes…

1:15:41 Joi is convinced the toy horse means K is a real boy and so she christens him ‘Joe’, as in Joe King. He’s unhappy with the name (and my joke, probably) so he decides to run off to the place where memories are made. #NotCancun

[N.B. In the bible, Rachael named her son — who is sold into slavery and later becomes a patriarch of Israel — Joseph .]

Blade Runner 2049 47 SC Tears of Joi Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Tears of Joi

1:17:57 The person responsible for making memories, Dr. Ana Stalline (Carla Juri), welcomes K to her bubble (compromised immune system, she explains to him) and agrees to help him with his investigation while she designs cake memories. Certainly less fattening than the real sort.

Blade Runner 2049 48 GIF Ana takes the cake Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Ana takes the cake

[N.B. Ana Stelline’s name is a pun on anastellin, a human antiangiogenic peptide. Anti-angiogenesis is a field of medicine concerned with the prevention of formation of blood vessels. The field is often studied by cancer doctors to stop blood-flow supplying malignant tumours.]

1:21:32 She sits him down at a replicant memory viewing machine that’s all set up and very handy for a woman who claims has few guests. She confirms his memory was really lived by someone while she sobs like a replicant with leaky eyes. Does this mean K is human and this is his own memory? Or did he rob someone else’s train of thought?


Blade Runner 2049 49 cinematography Very provate parking Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Very private parking

[Seriously, you’d think the woman responsible for making replicant memories would have more visitors…WTF!?]

1:23:08 Perhaps because he had a violent outburst upon learning the memory was real, Madam Joshi has K arrested and forces him to undergo another baseline test. Which he fails more than a puritan giving an oral exam.

1:25:08 K lies to Madam and tells her he found the child, that it was assigned as a replicant to a job, and that the child didn’t know it was the offspring between a human and a replicant. (At this point, K believes he’s talking about himself.) Then he tells Madam he destroyed the evidence. She tells him she can smuggle him out of the office, but that he has to leave his gun and badge and do another baseline in 48 hours. He has more checks than a rich kid.

1:27:22 Joi calls Mariette [see 44:56] so that K can have sex with the prostitute’s body while Joi is superimposed on it. This way, K can get more Joi in his life.

Blade Runner 2049 50 SC Get ready for some double penetration Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Get ready for some double penetration


Blade Runner 2049 50 SC Get ready for some double penetration Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Suddenly Joi is very handy

1:31:17 The next morning, Mariette (who is, you’ll recall, a member of the resistance) slips a tracer in K’s coat pocket. She really bugs him.

1:33:34 Joi convinces K to delete her from the mainframe (so that the authorities can’t access her memories of him) and download her into his remote control. Meaning, if the remote breaks, she’s gone forever, like your phone after you drop it in the toilet.

[N.B. After this, Luv leaps up from her desk at Wallace Corp, proving that they were spying on K through Joi.)]

1:35:46 A skinny bloke called Doc Badger (Barkhad Abdi, from Captain Phillips) analyses the wooden horse and tells K it comes from a place where a dirty bomb was dropped a long time ago. I, too, would like to analyse Ryan’s wood and drop something dirty.

Blade Runner 2049 51 meme I'm in Blade Runner now Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

1:36:30 The radioactive place where the dirty bomb was dropped years ago is Las Vegas. It’s true, Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners, it was built on sand.

Blade Runner 2049 52 SC Up un arm Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Up in arm

[🐣 Cinematographer Roger Deakins was inspired by a 2009 dust storm in Sydney for the look of post apocalyptic Las Vegas. Check out this actual photo.]

Blade Runner 2049 53 dust storm Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

1:39:48 Luv enters Lieutenant Joshi’s office, looking for K. Joshi tells her K killed the baby but Luv informs her replicants can lie. Still, Joshi refuses to give up K because she has a crush on him, so Luv has a crush on Joshi’ s hand holding a whiskey glass, and then stabs her repeatedly. Luv hurts.

1:40:32 Luv finds K’s location using Madam’s computer. Stalking isn’t love, but Luv is stalking.


Blade Runner 2049 54 cinematography When you wake up and don't have a head Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
When you remember why you’re waking up with only half a head
Blade Runner 2049 55 cinematography Two heads are best Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Two heads are better


Blade Runner 2049 56 GIF Decay of morality Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Decay of morality

1:42:20 While walking through the statue graveyard, K happens upon an apiary, which in turn leads him to Deckard’s residence. He’ll bee there soon!

Blade Runner 2049 57 SC Handy with bees Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
He’s handy with bees


Deckard: You mightn’t happen to have a piece of cheese about you, now, would you, boy?

As K explores the rotting luxury hotel, Deckard steps out of the shadows with this Treasure Island quote and a gun.

[N.B. On a Reddit thread dedicated to this quote, user lowbrowhijinks states:

Here’s the quote in its context.

The line is said by Ben Gunn, a sad man who had been marooned alone on an island some 3 years. Having had no contact with any other person in that time, upon being discovered he timidly asked about the cheese. He had craved it after subsisting on goats, berries, and oysters.

He had been abandoned by his peers to search for a treasure he never found.”]

1:48:47 During a holographic 3D floor show in the hotel’s lounge (starring Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Liberace), Deckard goes hunting for K, but should look for some D or buy some E, but not get an F! G, don’t take any H, I just want U, K!

Blade Runner 2049 57 SC Getting his act together Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Getting his act together

1:50:12 It was during this scene that Harrison Ford accidentally hit Ryan Gosling for real. Or maybe Ryan asked for a punch?

Blade Runner 2049 58 Punch Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

1:52:07 Deckard and K make up and drink whiskey together. Deckard pours some on the floor and his dog comes over to lap up the puddle.

K: Is it real?
Deckard: I don’t know. Ask him.

Subtle humour is the only kind of humour.

1:55:04 K interrogates Deckard, who says his baby mama was called Rachael and he abandoned her and their child to protect the child from being captured and experimented upon, or sent back to the shop to be better adjusted.


[🎵 The song K listens to on the 3D jukebox is Frank Sinatra singing ‘One for My Baby (And One More for Me)’. See playlist at the end of this article.]

1:56:34 K finds a picture of Rachael and some carved wooden animal figurines that are similar in style to his horse. He takes it to mean he is Deckard’s son, and that his mum needed a better hair stylist.


Blade Runner 2049 59 cinematography Incoming Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

1:57:28 Deckard’s dog, starts to approach K, but then backs away. This may confirm that K is a replicant, or that he needs a bath.


Bad dog.

Luv to K

Luv and an infiltration team from Wallace Enterprises arrive and capture Deckard. They knew K’s location from when Luv killed Joshi [see 1:40:32]. Basically, when Joshi said ‘Over my dead body’, she meant it.

2:01:04 Luv ‘kills’ Joi by destroying the remote drive where Joi lived [see 1:33:34]. Luv is such a killjoi.

2:01:58 The resistance find K still at Deckard’s place thanks to the tracker [see 1:31:17] Mariette placed in his coat pocket. Apparently replicants never put their hands in their pockets… WTF!?


Blade Runner 2049 60 SC The end of the advert Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
The end of the advert

2:04:31 At the rebel base, K meets Freysa, who explains she was present when Rachael gave birth to her baby.

Blade Runner 2049 61 SC Her eye is like her software, it needs a patch Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Her eye is like her software: it needs a patch

Freysa: If a baby can come from one of us [replicants], we are our own masters.
Mariette: More human than humans.

If they want to be called human, they need to commence making far more bad decisions.

[N.B. “More human than humans” is the motto of the Tyrell Corporation from Blade Runner.]

2:06:31 Freysa says that K has to kill Deckard. Her thought process is K led Wallace to Deckard, so Deckard can lead Wallace to Freysa and the revolution. This terrible logic is the most human thing about Freysa.


Freysa: Deckard only wanted his baby to be safe. And she is. When the time comes, I will show her to the world, and she will lead our army.
K: ‘She’?

Lol, K’s heart just skipped a beat and it’s not because of faulty wiring.

2:07:28 Freysa admits to pretending the replicant child was a boy to throw possible threats off the track. K reacts as though he were thrown under the bus. 🚌

2:08:32 In a rapid selection of flashbacks, we are shown the pieces of the puzzle director Denis Villeneuve left for us to find.

Blade Runner 2049 62 Collage Perfect fit Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

To be read top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Dr Ana Stalline: Someone lived this, yes.
  2. Deckard: I showed them how to scramble the records, cover their tracks.
  3. Freysa: With my own eyes, I saw her come. I dressed her in blue when it was time for her to go.
  4. Dr Stalline: There’s a bit of every artist in their work.

2:10:15 Deckard comes to in Wallace’s water room.

Wallace: I had the lock. I found the key. Yet the pins do not align. The door remains locked.

Wallace explains he needs the replicant child to be able to get the replicants to reproduce. Or maybe he means to turn them on.

2:10:42 Wallace shows Deckard Rachael’s skull and also a new version which resembles the original. He’s got Rachael going and coming.

Blade Runner 2049 63 SC Bonehead Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Bonehead move

2:11:06 Wallace plays a recording of Deckard’s first meeting Rachael. Deckard’s either terribly moved or surprised by how silly his voice sounds.

2:12:16 Wallace tells Deckard the meeting with Rachael wasn’t random. That everything was preordained to make him fall in love with her and make a baby robot with only one tool.

2:16:18 In order to bribe Deckard into giving up the names of those who hid the baby bot, Wallace recreates Rachael circa 1982 for him. Because her eyes are brown and not green, like the original, Deckard shuts her down faster than a garbage disposal with a fork in it.

Blade Runner 2049 64 GIF You're fired Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
You’re fired

2:17:16 Just as Deckard was confronted by a copy of his past love, K is confronted by a giant popup ad for Joi.

Blade Runner 2049 65 SC K gets a pointer Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
K gets a pointer

2:18:28 Because he realises he’s not the special child and there is no Joi in his life, K decides to go on a suicide mission to burn himself out.

2:18:48 Luv is taking Deckard off-planet for some torture. Evidently, the torture on earth just isn’t as good.

2:20:38 Using the drone and weaponry from his police cruiser, K takes out the two vehicles escorting Deckard, and forces Deckard’s vehicle to crash land. This is a new way for Deckard to hit bottom.

2:22:12 K and Luv fight over Deckard who’s still in the police cruiser. Deckard can’t help out as his hands are tied.

Blade Runner 2049 66 SC They're not very deep Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Like me, they’re not very deep

2:25:26 K rescues Deckard and drowns Luv. Apparently she’s not waterproof.

Blade Runner 2049 67 SC She could swim, but she's a little rusty Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Luv would swim, but she’s a little rusty


K: You’re free to meet your daughter now.

Everyone will assume Deckard died in the sinking of his convoy vehicle, so no one will be looking for him. He’s freer than dirt at a farmers market.


Blade Runner 2049 68 cinematography They saved his parking place Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
They saved his parking space


K: All the best memories are hers.

K returns the wooden horse to Deckard. The horse isn’t his because he stole it while accessing someone else’s implanted memory (that of Deckard’s true daughter and memory maker, Ana Stalline). It isn’t his gift horse.

2:31:57 K decides to die on the steps of the memory lab because it’s like a stairway to heaven, or something.

2:32:12 Inside the memory lab, Deckard puts his hand on the glass wall and trembles with happiness. That man loves a nice piece of glass now and then.

Blade Runner 2049 69 SC Snow big deal Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
Snow big deal

Roll credits

Tally Ho’

  • WTF!?’s: 4 that are out of this world
  • When to Follow: See it on the biggest screen you can find with the best sound system you can muster. Or, even better, if you ever have a chance to see it in the cinema, get there as fast as you can and watch it with all your heart.
  • Where’s This Found: Director Denis Villeneuve recalled a producer’s reaction upon seeing Blade Runner 2049 for the first time: “The lights came up, and he turned around and said, ‘We’ve just made the most expensive art house movie in cinema history’.” Which is not wrong, and is also a very good thing. I first saw the original Blade Runner in the 90s, long after it had been hailed as a masterpiece. I’d expected it to be a Star Wars clone and was amazed by how absolutely boring I found it.  I’ve seen it again, since, and my opinion hasn’t changed. But. When I went to see Blade Runner 2049, I told myself, “Mate, remember how boring the first one was. Don’t be surprised if this one has the same style.” And it did. Though, I left the theatre in awe of how close it felt to the original film, and also in awe at how much I loved it. The cinematography, the music, the story…and the cinematography, the cinematography, the cinematography. Watching Blade Runner 2049, I feel as though I’m watching a work of art from one of the world’s foremost museums. There may not be a lot of action, but there doesn’t need to be because what is in this film is so beautiful it’ll take your breath away and isn’t that why we see films in the first place? Out of a possible 10, I have 9 F’s to give.

  • What To Feedback:

All GIFs used in this review were created with the Imgflip online meme generator

[N.B. I used the very informative IMDb Trivia page and the Blade Runner Wikia as research tools for this review.]

Left Over WTF (Way Too Funny) Photos

Blade Runner 2049 76 SC She's on hold Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly
She’s on ‘Hold’
Blade Runner 2049 75 SC Two-faced Watch The Film 123WTF Saint Pauly

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4 thoughts on “WTF: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

  1. Great movie. Great review. I’m sad that I’ve only just now found this site. How was I living before now?

    Oh yeah, did you find some of the sound effects in this film to be a bit… TOO LOUD!?


    1. Hallo Blair!

      Great comment! Great observations! Thank you ever so much for the kind comments and the lovely sentiment. Now that you’ve found this little haven of the internet, I trust we shall see you around more often!

      And yes, the sound effects were as loud as they were ridiculous! WTF!?

      WTF Blair (Watch The Film),

      Saint Pauly


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