WTF stands for Watch The Film and takes a tongue in cheek look (if tongues could see, that is) at films.

The premise is simple enough. Basically, watching the computer from my desk chair, telly from my sofa or tablet in my bed, I jot down the snarky thoughts that come to me during the film while I’m eating things and scratching bits.

Your job is to laugh with a fair amount of regularity or at least chuckle intelligently from time to time. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds and man, do I wish I had your job.

As for me, I was introduced to blogging through the venerable Al K Hall, who hates me much less than he claims. I love in London, am in my early 30’s and don’t tell anyone but I’m gay.


9 thoughts on “WTF!?

    1. Thanks Bats!

      It could’ve been worse; I could’ve said “eating stuff and scratching shit”.

      Also thanks for being my very first ever subscriber! I hope I can live up to my own hype.

      WtF, babe!

      Saint Pauly


  1. Hey Saint Pauly. Quick question, you have any clue why isn’t letting me know when you post? I’m subscribed but yet your posts aren’t appearing in the list. Strange.


    1. Hi Bats,

      That’s strange, you’re listed as a subscriber; my first even! Let me know if you have problems next time and I’ll investigate with WordPress customer service.

      WTF! Bats,

      Saint Pauly


  2. I was reading some of your “reviews” and come to the conclusion that you do not know anything about movies (besides realize you’re a complete idiot) I lost valuable five minutes of my life in someone as mediocre as you. A shame to have found this blog.


    1. Dear Kratos,

      I was reading your missive and have come to the conclusion you are a troll. As you offer no explanation as to what you didn’t like in my posts, I can only assume you are an ultra-conservative, homophobic Nicolas Cage fan, and I refuse to waste five minutes of my life feeding the trolls.

      WTF!? Kratos,

      Saint Pauly


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