WTF Did He Say: A Snuff Interview with Shane Ryan

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This interview contains references to sexual abuse and self harm. If you are sensitive to these subjects or find them offensive, please avoid this post and read instead my interview with Blade Runner 2049 actor Tómas Lemarquis.  It’s just as witty but not as gritty.

The most famous indie director you’ve never heard of is also the most dangerous, cranking out the films so controversial streaming sites refuse to let you see them. Shane Ryan makes torture porn with no torture and only a little porn, these slow burn psychological films where you can’t figure out if you like them until it’s too late and you’re hooked. His films are so underground they’re on a first name basis with the dead and buried and his unique style blurs the line between horror and drama, while attacking explicit sex, self harm, rape, anorexia, incest, murder…  Shane Ryan is a man of edges, both straight and cutting, and in the interview that follows he offers up a masterclass on independent film making.

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