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Happy New Year, everyone! I’d just like to nick a moment of your time to announce that I’ll be continuing Watch The Film this year. Upon returning from my hols last summer, I felt I wanted to spend more time watching films and less time writing about them. Seeing, however, that this blog still continues to receive over a thousand hits a day without my doing a thing, I decided to see what the numbers would look like if I actually tried!

For those of you who never left, thank you for your patience, and for those of you new to the blog, Welcome! Come by soon and often. šŸ˜‰

03/08/2015 BLOG LOVE

I’ve just received a lovely note from a blog world celebrity! The head writer at the super famousĀ Hair Boutique was so taken with our website that she dedicated a post to us in order to thank us for our inspiration!

It’s not often an internet writer sees this kind of generosity…


Beyond the Grave 01 poster (WTF Watch The Film Saint Pauly)

One of the perks of being famous is being solicited by other famous people on the famous people network. One such person who contacted me was BrazilianĀ superstarĀ Isidoro B. GuggianaĀ who requested that I screen his indie zombie filmĀ Beyond the Grave.Ā 

In a devastated post-apocalyptic world where the rules of reality are transformed by magic and madness, a vengeful police officer searches for a possessed serial killer in a battle of the not-so-good versus absolute evil.

From the press book

Where’s This Found: I felt a little like this was aĀ connect-the-dots pictureĀ ofĀ a straight line. While there’s nothing ground-breaking in this take on zombie films, the film-making itself deserves a great deal of credit. Beyond the GraveĀ is polished and tight, and directorĀ Davi de Oliveira PinheiroĀ demonstratesĀ an ability to get the best out of his actors. BTG is not a great film but it is a great indie film, and a good film overall.Ā Out of a possible 10, I have 7Ā Fā€™s to give.

7 Fs 139pt

Support indie cinema!
Watch Beyond the GraveĀ for free here
(U.S. audiences only – not my fault, don’t shoot the blogger)

If any other film-makers (independent or not) would like to be famous with me, please contact me at saintpauley@gmail.com.

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